Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Revolution fast base concealer review

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well! Today I wanted to do a review on the Revolution fast base concealer. Everyone has been talking about the conceal and define (which I am still yet to try because they never have my shade in!) but I've not seen that many people talk about this one so I thought I would give some of my thoughts!

This concealer is similar to the Maybelline age rewind concealer with a twisty end and the product coming out on a little sponge on the top which I personally quite like! It's really simple and effective even if I did have to spend ages trying to get the product out to begin with, and it does mess up the lid...

I really like the formula of this product. It is a medium consistency I would say, it's not too thin or too thick which is good, and doesn't look cakey under the eyes at all and it feels really lightweight! Also, this concealer doesn't crease at all which is such a big plus! It does a really good job of brightening too! (Im in the shade c3 btw).
It blends in really well but I would say to use it with a beauty sponge because I find that you can really see the brush marks with this concealer. I find this product to be really hydrating too and doesn't cling to any dry patches. I personally only need one twist for both eyes so I think it will last me a long time.

I have to say the concealer does wear on me after a while and by the end of the day I am noticing that I am looking quite tired and my eye bags are poking a bit through the concealer!

Also one strange thing is that I really don't like the smell of this concealer? I can't even put my finger on it but when I put it on in a morning I have to hold my nose a bit because I really don't like it! It goes away immediately and I can't smell it during the day or anything but the other day when I was really hungover I honestly couldn't face putting the product on my face because it smelled so bad so I had to use my trusty erase paste by benefit.

Another thing I noticed about this product is that it it's not very good to do cut creases with. When I tried to do one the other day it looked a bit strange on my eyelid! Not as good as my Revlon colour stay concealer looks anyway.

Despite the smell, I really like this product actually and I would really recommend this! It's a lovely lightweight medium buildable concealer that brightens, doesn't crease and doesn't cling to dry patches and for £5 that is pretty good!
Lots of love,

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