Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Glossybox October 2018 review

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well. Obviously, it has been a while (again) since I have uploaded a blog post! I am sorry but at the same time I have just started a masters and I am still getting used to everything and working out how blogging fits into everything for me so I would imagine my blog posts are going to be a bit scarce for a while, as I get back into the swing of things!

Today I thought I would do my review of the October glossybox (2018) and go through the products we received this month! I was overall very impressed by what we got! The theme of this month was Halloween and there were two boxes you could get, the trick or the treat box! I actually received the treat box this month and this is what I got!

Firstly, we received one of the Illamasqua anitmatter lipsticks, we got ours in the shade "nebula" which is a bright pink/purple lipstick! I really like the formula of this lipstick, its a pretty bright colour but if you pair it with a nude lipliner it can calm it down a bit and make it more wearable. This retails for £20.

This box also contained the MUA luxe strobe and glow highlighter in the shade pink lustre. I think the trick box contained the bronzer version of this product! I honestly love this highlighter! It's such a pretty colour and it's really pigmented too. it has a Powder and a cream highlight and yeah, not much to say but I really love it plus it's only £5.

Another thing we received in the box is the sleek i-divine palette in "oh so special." This palette is pretty cute, it has a perfect "day" to "night" ratio with the colours and they're really pigmented. There is a lot of kickback with this palette but it's such a nice little palette and I really love the colours.

The fourth makeup product we received was the Luna by Luna loose translucent setting powder. I had never heard of this brand before but I love a good translucent powder so I was excited to try this. The packaging isn't my favourite not going to lie, to me it feels quite cheap and the product leaks out a little too. I do like the product though and it doesn't cling to dry patches or anything and it is really brightening!

Finally, we received the this works in transit camera close up primer, mask and moisturiser. This was the only thing which was a deluxe sample size. I have been using this as a primer and I do like it. It's quite heavily scented and is white so you have to rub it in quite a lot! The full size product is £35 which to be honest I wouldn't pay not going to lie because i don't think it makes that much of a difference to my face or makes it look that amazing really. But I will still continue to use up the sample.

And that's everything we received this month! This was my second every glossybox and I was really impressed again and I'm really excited to see what we get next month!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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