Thursday, 6 September 2018

Soph extra spice palette and Imogenation highlight to the moon review

Hey! I hope you are doing well! Today I wanted to review two recent Revolution palettes, the Soph extra spice eyeshadow palette and the Imogenation highlight to the moon palette. I put a tweet up a while ago asking if people wanted a review of the extra spice palette and most people said yes! Plus I also wanted to talk about the "highlight to the moon" palette by Imogenation.

In case you haven't stepped into Superdrug recently, the makeup company Revolution has been bringing out quite a lot of palettes with a few YouTubers. I have a few of the recent launches and I wanted to share my own thoughts and opinions on them! I already did a whole post dedicated to Carmi MUA's eyeshadow palette which you can find here . The only other palette I have that I haven't reviewed yet is Tammi's palette so I might talk about that some point in the future.

Soph x revolution extra spice:

First of all, this eyeshadow palette is gorgeous! I love the shiny peach packaging and I love the layout of the palette, with the shade names under each shade too I think it looks really high end! I actually own the first palette Soph brought out with Revolution so I was pretty excited to see this one!

But, I have to confess something here with absolutely no disrespect so Soph who I love, I personly just wasn't overwhelmed with the colours when I first saw it. Some of the colours seemed quite similar to me to the colours in her first palette, for example, the crease colours, although gorgeous, were quite similar to some of the ones in her first palette. There is a shimmery purple colour as in the old palette, a flash of green also as in the first palette and a shimmery gold ( we had 3 shimmery golds in the first palette), a matte black, a dark brown, and I was just a bit underwhelmed, I'm sorry! For me, I was worried they would be too similar. But perhaps Soph designed this palette with the idea that not everyone had the first palette! So wanted to include some similar colours.

When I actually got the palette I started to really love it! There are a lot of colours in the new one that the old didn't have, for example, two matte oranges and a yellow, as well as a gorgeous shimmery yellow! Furthermore, the bright red shade really stands out to me, as well as the gorgeous silver (I love a good silver eyeshadow) and the colour " every day."

The standard and formula of these shadows are amazing for only £10 and blend really easily, and using these shades I created a really gorgeous sunset eye makeup look which I loved! Overall I would recommend this palette it does fit in really nicely in my collection!

Imogenation highlight to the moon:

As with the Soph palette, I love the packaging on this! The reflective purple blue look is really cool and I love it! The only problem I have is that I find it really hard to open? But maybe that's just me! Despite the name, this palette actually only holds 3 highlighters. The rest of the palette consists of 3 powders and 3 contour shades so the name is pretty misleading. In my personal opinion, I wish she had included 3 blush shades instead of powders but that's just me! I have used the powder "pretty heart" a lot under my eyes and to be fair I quite like it I don't really have anything negative to say about it. The other two powders are a yellow shade and a darker warm-toned shade.

This palette consists of 3 contour shades, but I think the shades "literally" and "warrior" are basically the same colour? Both of them work well for my fair skin tone and they would be really light for a lot of people. "Can't deal" is a darker contour shade but I am not too sure if it's dark enough for a lot of skin tones really, plus since the other two shades are so similar there isn't really a shade for a medium skin tone!

Finally, I really like all three highlight shades! Slay my life is my personal favourite and I've been wearing this a lot! But again all these shades are good for my skin tone, and I think she should have included a deeper highlight shade as I imagine the shades are too light for a lot of people with a deeper skin tone! I also find that although the shade "slay my life" looks like a peachy gold shade, the shade "angel face" is actually a lot more peachy/ golden which is strange.

So those are my thoughts on these two palettes from Revolution!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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