Sunday, 26 August 2018

Recent Favourites

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! I really wanted to write a favourite post because there are a few things I have been loving over the last few months! I haven't done a favourite post for ages actually so I hope you enjoy!

So the first thing I have been loving recently is using the thicker Babyliss curling wand (that I steal from my sister) to curl my hair with! I have recently cut my hair a bit shorter so I have been liking styling it with a middle parting and giving it a bit of curl!

The second thing I have been loving recently is the body shop shower gels! I am the type of person who spends like £1 max on whatever shower gel I can find in Sainsburys! But I have been loving getting some body-shop shower gels recently! Particularly mango, satsuma and argon oil are my fave scents!

Makeup Revolution have been absolutely killing it recently with their releases! I have three of their newer eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks and I have been loving all of them! The ones I have are the Carmi, Soph extra spice and Tammi palettes! I actually did a review of the Carmi Palette not so long ago that you can check out here. I have also been loving the lipsticks that Soph brought out too! I have cake and fudge and can't wait to get my hands on syrup! These have definitely been my favourite makeup purchases recently!

A shampoo I have been loving is the Garnier ultimate blends honey shampoo! The smell of this is absolutely gorgeous and so far it hasn't upset my scalp! It makes my hair lovely and soft and keeps it from looking greasy for ages!

Some fashion things I have been loving are my recent Pull and Bear orders! These gorgeous patterned trousers and these jeans with the roses on! I am not normally very adventurous with my bottoms, just opting for plain jeans or skirts but I fell in love with these and had to get them to up my wardrobe game!

I have also been loving watching a few things recently! I really enjoyed season 6 of Orange is the new black! If you know me you will know that oitnb is my all time fave show so I was so excited for season 6 to come out! I definitely really enjoyed it and I can't wait for the next season! Another thing I have been enjoying recently is Queer eye! This is such a nice watch that always makes me feel happy and warm inside but rarely fails to make me cry! Finally, I am a bit late but i have been really liking Friday night dinner to put on when I want something light to watch!

My favourite book recently was the Trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon. I read a book not so long ago that I really didn't like and it put me off reading for a bit! Which is really unlike me but I really struggled to get back into reading and this book was the perfect book to get back into reading with!

So they are the things I have been loving recently! Have you been liking any of these recently?
Lots of love,

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