Friday, 17 August 2018

Awake under the night sky book review

Hey! I hope you guys are doing well! I think it's been so long since I have uploaded a book review which sucks I feel like the worlds worst book blogger! Honestly, I haven't been reading as many books as I would have liked I'm not too sure why but I need to get back to reading books although I think at this point I am never going to beat the number of books I read last year! But I did read this book that was kindly sent to me while I was on holiday and I wanted to talk about it a bit!

So this book is about two people, Vivian and Andre, who have very different and sure ideas about what they want to do, and who meet at uni and fall immediately in love. They actually meet pretty quickly in the book and I would have maybe preferred to meet and get to know the characters individually before we meet them together if that makes sense! I just felt I didn't get to know the characters enough individually! Since both characters have such strong clear goals about their lives I wish this had been explored more. Vivian spends some time in Africa which stimulates her to want to work there and I just wish this had maybe been discussed some more so we could really understand her if that makes sense!

I think this book has a really good premise and if you're a sucker for a love story with a good sort of “will they won't they” story line I think you'll enjoy this! It is 100% a love story and I think if you're an old romantic I can see you enjoying this book a lot. It does immerse you into the lives of these two individuals and it's quite nice to be swept into this book.

There were one or two little things that struck me when reading this book, for example even though Vivian is Spanish, Andre is Italian and they meet in India with Vivian visiting Ghana and speaking to the children, it is pretty confusing as to why languages aren't addressed? Are they all fluent in many languages? What language do they use to communicate to each other and to others? I mean it's not like a big deal or anything I was just a bit confused. Another thing I found slightly difficult to read at times was the dialogue, which at times was a bit unrealistic!

Overall, I think this is definitely a book for the romantics and for people who enjoy books with a tragic love story!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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