Monday, 4 June 2018

Testing Obsession eyeshadows and highlighter

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing well! Despite eyeshadows being my one true love, I actually haven't bought one for ages, nor have I done a blog post about an eyeshadow palette for a long time! But there have been a few eyeshadow palettes I have had my eye on for a bit, one of those being the new (ish) Obsession customisable palettes, so when I spotted the 6 single eyeshadows/highlighters/bronzers/blushes for £12 with a free palette I couldn't resist picking some up and I thought I would share my thoughts. Just a warning, there may be a few eyeshadow palette reviews coming up through June!

Obsession is a brand owned by Tam beauty I think, and you can currently only buy it online and in Boots stores. Their products are incredibly affordable, with each single eyeshadow retailing for just £3. Unfortunately, since their eyeshadows are single you need to buy a palette too, but these are cheap ranging from £4-£6 for a medium palette (6 spaces) or £6-£8 for a large palette (12 spaces).  The eyeshadows do pop in and out easily but they feel secure in the palette.

I decided to try 5 eyeshadows and one highlighter too and I went for the shiny gold palette over the matte black one. The colours I decided to go for were (Top row from L-R)  Lightning, Sun Ray, Brooklyn, (bottom row, L-R) Crimson, Gold and St Tropez. As you can see, the only matte colour I went for was the matte pink, Sun Ray, so this definitely isn't a palette I can use just on it's own really but I wanted to grab some colours I didn't really have in my other (many) palettes.

The shade "lightning" for me is the highlight shade, but I did pick up Gold too which is also technically a highlight shade but it's obviously too dark for me but I wanted it as an eyeshadow. To be honest, lightning isn't my favourite highlighter in the world, I do like it but it's very glittery and sheer, and the glitter does spread a bit too. If you hate glitter highlights and love more of a "sheen" you will not like this highlight! But it does look really nice as an inner corner highlight, I'm just not a big fan of it as a cheekbone highlight, or perhaps it would be pretty fun for a festival!

Nevertheless, the 5 eyeshadows I absolutely love! As you can see from the swatches, they're really pigmented and they blend in really easily. The only colours that don't show up well as a swatch is lightning obviously as it's so sheer and Sun Ray, but this pink is pigmented on the lid it just doesn't swatch as well as it is matte. The green colour, St Tropez, is so bright and lovely and probably my favourite colour in the set. I created a look with this palette bringing the pink (Sun Ray) into the crease, and building up a halo eye with Brooklyn and Crimson and popping St Tropez in the middle for a fun colourful eye! I also did it with Gold over the lid too for a bit more of a subtle look.

Overall I would recommend these eyeshadows and I am definitely going to pick up some more colours!
Have you tried Obsession before?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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