Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Bad Gal Bang mascara honest thoughts and review

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! I am well into exam/ dissertation stress now but I wanted to take a little break and bring you a new post! I realise that there are like 1000 blog post and youtube videos on this mascara right now but I wanted to share my own thoughts and opinions on this!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will know all about Benefit's latest mascara reveal, the bad gal bang mascara. I am not going to lie, guys, I got taken in by all the hype to get this, and this is my first ever high-end mascara! If you read my posts a lot you probably know that I love drugstore makeup, nearly everything I own is drugstore, I am like the opposite of a makeup snob! I would 100% prefer to get multiple things for the same price as one high-end thing! But I really did want to try this new mascara.

I have the shortest and the straightest lashes in the world. I was not at all blessed by the eyelash god (not to mention the fact that I have 0 lashes on my bottom lashes but hey ho). So hearing about the amount of volume this mascara gives I had to run to get it!

Firstly, I love the brush! It's quite thin which I like as it makes it easy to get to the roots of the eyes. But, what you have heard is correct my friends, this mascara is really really wet. It's such a wet formula (we will see how it goes as it starts to dry up) but it means that it's quite easy to make a mess. So if you're not the neatest of mascara users (?) then you might find this one quite hard as it transfers easily before it dries down.

This mascara is really lengthening, it makes my lashes look about 5 times longer. But, it can look quite clumpy as we have all seen. I just would say to watch out for how many layers you're putting on, one too many and it is pretty clumpy, but if I am being honest the clumpiness doesn't really bother me that much? Like yeah, it's not very separating but it doesn't look awful I don't think as long as you know when to stop.

Despite being really lengthening, it's not very curling which was a big disappointment for me!!! I really wanted some more curl, so even though it makes my lashes long, I find that it doesn't give them much lift actually which I really need so for that reason I probably wouldn't buy again, Miss Baby Roll by L'oreal gives me a bit more curl to be honest.

The other thing about this mascara is that it smudges pretty badly actually. Like towards the end of the night I am looking pretty panda eye's like which is pretty annoying.

Like I do quite like this mascara but for me it just really isn't lifting at all? It keeps my lashes pretty straight so I feel like if you have naturally curly lashes this will look amazing, as it does make my lashes pretty long and I am definitely going to keep using it until it runs out but I can't see myself repurchasing if I am being completely honest!

What did you think of this? Let me know!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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