Thursday, 8 March 2018

What's on my reading list #2

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! So this month I am going to be running mental health awareness March, where I take this month to talk about different MH disorders and to bring awareness to them. I have run it for a few years but I didn't last year! If you want to see the posts you can see them on the mental health page at the top of my blog! So I have a few lovely people who have said that they would write a post for me about their experiences of MH which I am really excited to show you guys! If you would like to share a post or your story please email me at

However, before MHAM starts officially (later this week) I wanted to get this TBR post up first! I can't believe it's been a year since I posted my last "what's on my reading list" you can see it here, and I'm happy to say I read every single book on that list! So I thought I would do a quick post showing you what my current TBR list is! I am aiming to try and read these by the end of the year!

1) Release- Patrick Ness. 
This has been on my mental tbr list for 2 years since it came out! I have finally written it down so I am definitely going to get it soon to read!

2) Turtles all the way down- John Green.
I read all of John Green's books back in my teenage years and I really want to get his new one! I don't honestly know how much I will like it but I want to give it a read almost just so I can still say I have read all of his books!

3) Get your shit together and you do you- Sarah Knight
I have just finished the life-changing magic of not giving a fuck and I really want to pick up her next two books! I enjoyed the LCMONGF but some of it was aimed I think at people a bit older than me! So I'm hoping I might be able to get a bit more from her next two!

4) One of us is lying- Karen McManus
I actually have bought this book and I am going to read it next! I have a few trains to get next week so I am saving it for then! I have heard quite a lot about this book so I am really excited to give it a go.

5) The Million Doller blog- Natasha Courtenay-Smith
This is a bit of a different book but definitely one I am planning to get soon. You will notice with this TBR list, there are a lot more non-fiction books, and I am trying to read a few more different books to my usual novels, especially since I am so busy at the moment these books are easier to dip into! I am hoping this one will be able to give me a few tips!

6) The Night Circus- Erin Morgenstern
I have heard a lot of good stuff about this book and I am excited to pick it up!

7) My blogging secrets: A guide to becoming a pro-blogger- Amber L Mcnaught 
I have not read a book by a blogger like this so I really want to give it a go!

8) Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine- Gail Honeyman
I have heard so much about this book recently so I wanted to add it to my TBR! Plus it's about someone called Eleanor...

9) How to be an overnight success- Maria Hatzistefanis 
Again I am really interested in these kind of books at the moment and to read motivational books!

10) Ice cream for breakfast- Laura Jane Williams
I heard this mentioned by Hellooctober ages ago and she said she really enjoyed it like she liked the life-changing magic of not giving a fuck so I thought I would give this one a go too!

11) How to be Parisian: wherever you are- Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas
I've heard this book mentioned by quite a few bloggers before and heard its a cool book so I thought I would give it a go!

I hope you enjoyed this post! What's on your tbr? Are any of these on your list too?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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