Thursday, 29 March 2018

One of us is lying- Karen Mcmanus book review

Hey! I hope you guys are doing well! So today I wanted to review One of us is lying which is written by Karen Mcmanus. I have seen this book around a lot on social media and I was really excited to read it! It has been on my TBR list for ages (by the way you can check out the rest of the rest of my TBR list here) and I finally got round to reading it!

This book is about 5 teenagers who all end up in detention together when one of them dies, but who did it? This book swaps between the four other characters and tells things from their point of view and it becomes clear that all of them have something to hide. I personally loved how this book swapped between the characters so we could get into the heads of all the characters and see their murder from their pov, I thought it was cleverly written so you never really know who to trust! Literally, everyone in this book was a murder suspect to me!

One thing I really liked about this book was the character development in the characters, they all learn a lot from the experience and I think they all come out at the end better versions of themselves which I love in a book. The characters in the book are quite stereotypical fitting into certain "cliques" but I think that's the point of the book really and then as it goes on the book has aspects of breaking down school cliques and brings people together from different social groups and cliques.
This book is really addictive, it really kept me on the edge and I couldn't wait to see what was coming next. There were some twists and turns in this book that I didn't see coming and that I really liked. I have to say I sort of guessed the ending, but there was another twist towards the end that I didn't actually guess!

It's not often that I read a good YA murder mystery to be honest, especially one that really entices me and that keeps me reading to the very end. I really liked the inspiration too, from the Breakfast Club which is a film I really like and I liked the modern and different twist that it has, a different direction it could have gone in. It read like a tv program almost and now I've finished it I just want more and to find out what happens next! I think it would make a great tv show actually!

Overall if you are looking for an addicting and exciting YA novel I would really recommend this! Despite the subject matter (murder) it's actually quite a light read, and I think it would be a good holiday read!
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