Friday, 9 February 2018

What I got for my 21st birthday

Hi guys! I hope you are okay! I have had a bit of a hard week this week with various things and I've been feeling crappy and unwell all week! But it was my birthday Monday and I wanted to share with you the lovely things I got from my friends and family for my 21st birthday! I actually had a really lovely weekend seeing everyone at home and then coming back to Nottingham to celebrate for my actual birthday here.

So first of all, my main present was my Olympus pen e-pl 7 camera. The proper blogging camera! I'm finally an official blogger right guys? I am actually still waiting for an SD card so I haven't been able to play around with it just yet but I can't wait to! I also got this lovely bag from my boyfriend to keep everything in it which is so gorgeous.

I also got a new phone for my birthday! It's a Samsung Galaxy s8 and I really like it, I got it in pink which I really like, i love the camera on it and I think it's so pretty.

From my boyfriend, I also got a new purse too. It's this lovely grey colour which I really like.

From Lukes parents and Grandparents I got this lovely necklace and earring combo! It was so lovely of them to get me this I love it. And from my aunty, I got this lovely Pandora charm which is gorgeous! It's so pretty and such a lovely colour!

From my bestie Lucy, I got the Soph Does Nails highlighter palette and a face mask. I love this highlighter palette is so pretty I love it. And from Lukes Autny I was lucky enough to get these makeup brushes and some lint chocolate.

And from my friends Adrianne and Hannah I got this super cute hat! If you know me you know I love bobble hats so much, I wear one every day! And I got these pastels which are meant to relax you when you're stressed. As well as another facemask, lip balm and hand cream!

And that's everything that I have got for my 21st birthday! I am really grateful to have received everything, I am super lucky!
I hope you enjoyed this post,
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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