Wednesday, 28 February 2018

February 2018 Favourites

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! I am so stressed at the moment with third year deadlines and so on, it's definitely taking its toll now and I've come down with a stinker of a cold so I am spending today tucked up in bed with lemsips instead of facing the cold weather! I can't believe that January went so fast and then February went so quickly, I don't even know where this month went! I didn't do a January favourites so there are a few products in this favourites which I have loved throughout jan and feb!


There has been quite a lot of beauty faves recently actually, I feel like I have discovered so much over the past few months but I have narrowed it down to my absolute favourites to talk about!

Firstly, the Rimmel stay matte lipstick in the shade Heartbeat has been an absolute love of mine this month. I have actually been loving quite a few lipsticks this month but I have to say this one is my ultimate favourite. I really love the formula of these, they are very matte and stay on my lips for so long, I don't need to worry about reapplying! But I don't find them too drying. I also adore the colour of this one too, it's such a wearable dark pink! I will definitely be picking some more shades up at some point.

Secondly, the Soph x makeup revolution highlighter palette has been a favourite of mine! Those of you who know me know I don't wear highlight on a day to day basis, but when I go out I love a strong highlight and these shades are so pigmented and strong I love them! I love all of the first 4 shades, especially the purple one!

 Another beauty favourite of mine this month has been the Sleek I-divine palette in Diamond Decade. This is a limited edition palette and if you love slivers and greys I would really recommend it. I am yet to try the pink colours at the end, but I love the smoky glittery greys and silvers and blacks as they are the colours I love to wear on a night out so for me it's the perfect nighttime palette!

I have also been loving the Kiko Lasting precision automatic eyeliner in forest green. This is an unusual choice for me because when I normally wear eyeliner on my waterline I go for black but I have to say I am loving the green at the moment. Again I am wearing it all the time when I go out and I think it just makes a look stand out even more and look really cool.

My final beauty favourite this month has to be the real techniques beauty sponge. I am quite new to the whole beauty sponge thing, and it took me ages before I worked out how to use it properly! But now it is my favourite thing to apply my makeup with!

There are two books that I have loved throughout February! Firstly, Ready Player One by Earnest Cline I adored! It was such a cool book and I found it to be written really well and it was really immersive! I didn't do a full review on this because it's a bit of a cult classic, and I didn't think another review was needed! The film comes out soon so I would highly recommend reading this before it comes out!

The second book I have loved in February was the Life-Changing Magic of not giving a f**k by Sarah Knight. Again, this is another book which is talked about a lot so I don't think I will review it or anything, but I am really enjoying this book at the moment! Because I am so busy, this book has been really nice as I can just dip in and out of it too I don't need to worry about following a storyline! I will be picking up her other two books at some point as well!


There are quite a few "random" favourites that I have this month that I wasn't really sure where to fit them in my favourites! Firstly, my new phone is a favourite of mine. I recently got the galaxy s8 for my birthday and I am really loving it and I love the camera and the way that it is laid out and everything!

Something else I had to mention is my new Olympus pen EPL-7. I also got this for my birthday (btw, you can see everything else I got here) but I haven't had much of a chance yet to test it out as I still need to get round to buying a bloody memory card for it! Hopefully, I will do that soon and then I can get to work taking some fabulous photos! But I had to mention it as a favourite because I just love it!

Another random thing I have been loving is the Sims 4. I actually got this for Christmas but through February I have just been adoring it! I actually never had the sims when I was growing up so I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do!

My final favourite is the Bach Rescue Pastilles. My friend actually got me these for my birthday too and they're just little pastilles that you can chew on to help calm you down! As someone who gets stressed out easily, I have really been enjoying these this month and I often take one before I go to sleep to help settle me!

And that is all my favourites for this month!
It's quite a random bunch I know!
What have you been loving?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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