Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Easy Student Recipes

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! So I put a tweet out the other day saying if you guys wanted to see some easy recipes students for you guys and quite a few people said yes! I know it can be hard when you go to uni and then realise you can't actually really cook anything so I thought this post would be useful, I may even do the second part if you guys find it useful! Please let me know because I can do some more, I also cook a lot of veggie and vegan recipes at uni too so I can share some of those if you want too, or maybe even start a new little series discussing food ideas for students.

So I feel like for some of you these may be too "easy" or "obvious" especially if you have been cooking for a while, and believe me these aren't meant to be groundbreaking recipes and I have omitted several ingredients or seasoning that I personally often miss out and that I know that as a student is an extra money! If you really can't cook and want a basic bible of some super easy recipes hopefully this post will help!

Spaghetti Bolognese:
So spag boll is really easy to make and is so easy to freeze to so you can make a batch of it for 4 people or even 8 people and then freeze it and you always have some in the freezer. Of course, you can use Quorn mince too!

You Need:
500g of mince
bolognase sauce
olive oil or cooking spray
any veg

So first spray a pan or pour some olive oil into it and heat it up. Cook the chopped onion and garlic or any other veg (if using) for five minutes and add the mince. Cook the mince until it has gone brown. Then put the sauce in and let it simmer for 25 minutes. in the meantime cook the pasta until done and hey presto!

Basically, follow the above recipe but use a fresh can of chopped tomatoes instead of bolognese sauce and add in a chilli and kidney beans and serve with rice instead of pasta.

Stir Fry:
Stir fry is so quick and easy and such an easy evening dinner! My main tips with this recipe is to buy a pack of dry noodles because these I can just keep in my cupboard and I don't need to worry about buying some noodles when I want to make it too. Also I always keep some chicken breasts in my freezer so I don't need to worry about buying these too. You can put anything in a stir fry though, prawns or just bulk it up with lots of different veggies so you don't need any meat! I would say to buy the stir fry mix on the day, I have found that it goes off extremely fast so its best just to buy it on the day you are going to use it!

You Need:
stir-fry mix
cooking spray or olive oil
soy sauce
a chicken breast (or whatever you want to put in it!)

If you are using chicken, start by stir frying this first. When it is cooked, add in the veggies and some soy sauce. In a separate pan, heat some water and cook the noodles for 5 mins.

Salmon Salad: 
This is another really easy recipe I make a lot! And it's pretty healthy too! I often make it with salmon, chicken or even Linda McCartney sausages! I always have some frozen salmon in my freezer too so I always have some to eat!

You need:
Salmon (ect)
Veggie stock
harissa (or some herbs)

Prepare the salmon by putting some harissa on it. I use harissa all the time, it gives my chicken and salmon a nice spicy touch! Or you could just put some salt and pepper on it and maybe some mixed herbs or paprika if you have some just to make it a bit more exciting! When the salmon is nearly done (usually about 25 mins in the oven) I make my couscous by putting some in a bowl and putting some veggie stock in a jug. Then I put some water in the jug and mix it and then pour the water into the bowl with my couscous and put a plate on top for like 5 minutes until done. I usually do about 200ml of water to like 70g of couscous. The veggie stock just makes the couscous taste a bit nicer or it can be quite bland! One pot of veggie stock will last you a long time too! Then I make my salad if I am making one or just buy a ready-made salad on my way home and use that. Then put everything together!

So I hope you enjoyed these easy student recipes! I can definitely make some more if you guys liked this, I made it as fuss-free as possible, just how I would make it!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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