Wednesday, 31 January 2018

January Round up - a catch up

Hey guys! January has nearly ended and it feels like it has been going on for ages! I feel like I have done so much this month and theres a lot that has happened this month that I am really proud of and I wanted to write a little catch up post on what I've done this January! I think sometimes it's nice to look back on a month and think "actually, I am doing okay!" and that's really what I've felt like this month and we are so used to being critical of ourselves and focusing on what we haven't done, that I really want to talk about what I have done! This month I really felt like Woah...what happened to Eleanor and where did she go? Because I've stepped so far out of my comfort zone.

First of all, to kick start the new year I bought my own blog domain! I have talked about this a lot on twitter already so I won't bang on too much about it! But I am so proud to have finally done it and I feel way more professional now! I also finally made a media kit! I have wanted to for ages and I sat down and spent a few hours making one and I really love it, again it just makes me feel a lot more professional as a blogger.

So I decided to stay on to do a masters for next year. I was going through a bit of turmoil over Christmas and I was really struggling (honestly made kind of worse by my family) about what I want to do next year, so I bit the bullet and made the decision to apply for two masters at the Uni I am currently at. One in clinical psychology and the other in mental health and wellbeing. They both look really good so I have written an application and will hopefully get that sent off next month!

Another related thing is that I have secured a house for next year. I get a lot of anxiety about student houses and the costs and deposits so I was really dreading doing it again for next year but I have done and me and two other girls have a house sorted out which is pretty exciting and I am really proud that we got it sorted out so quickly, we literally viewed one house  and just went for it!

Another thing I am really proud of that I had to mention was that I went to my very first blogging event! I wrote a blog post all about it on Monday which you can read about here. I had a really lovely time and I was a little nervous going to an event on my own. Again I'm not going to blab on about this as you guys are probably sick of hearing about it now! But definitely a big step for me!

Another random thing I did this month that was way out of my comfort zone was going Paintballing. I was pretty nervous, and it was pretty painful! But I did it despite feeling really scared about it but I pushed past it and went for it!

I received a mid 1st in my biology essay (a critical evaluation of an elevated negative feedback system in the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis towards post-traumatic stress disorder, just in case you were wondering which you probably weren't). I honestly was so scared about this essay I did not do well at bio in high school so this essay was the bane of my life for so long but I felt like I really pulled it out of the bag and I know it's annoying when people bang on about grades but I just feel so proud that I managed to do that!

Other uni-related accomplishments is that I have begun drafting my dissertation and I am hoping I am in quite a good position for February!

I hope you enjoyed this little catch-up post! What have you done this month that you're proud of?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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