Friday, 5 January 2018

Best of beauty 2017

Hey guys! This is my third post this week can you believe it! Unfortunately, I go back to uni this weekend so I will be going back to one post a week as of next week! I am definitely not ready to let reality sink back in yet. Today I wanted to talk about my favourite beauty products in 2017. I didn't do this post last year and someone asked me to so I really wanted to do one this year! So these products aren't necessarily new releases although some of them are, they're just new to me! So without further ado...

Eyeshadow Palettes:
So two eyeshadow pallets that really stood out for me this year are the Sophdoesnails x revolution palette and the MUA burning embers palette! I love both of these eyeshadow palettes so much and they're both really affordable and both have a really lovely selection of eyeshadows that are perfect for day and night looks!

Brow Products:
The main brow product that I loved this year was my Revolution eyebrow pomade! I think this gives a really lovely look!

My favourite mascara this year has to be the L'oreal Miss Baby Roll! I adore this mascara and I think it is amazing for my straight short lashes!

My fave eyeliner this year that I discovered was the N07 stay perfect liquid eyeliner. Mine has just run out too but I found it to be really black and non-smudgy and it stays all day long! Really good! and considering I apply eyeliner every day it lasted me a really long time. I didn't picture my brow mascara and eyeliner because they all look worn and tired and I didn't think it would be a pretty picture!

Bronze, contour, blush and highlight:
The main apple of my eye in 2017 has been the freedom pro blush palette in bronzed and baked. In this palette, we have my two favourite blushes for this year and my favourite highlight discovery too! This is so affordable at £6 and I know I talk about it a lot but its amazing.

Another highlight I have loved this year has been the PS pro strobing cream in pearl. This is like £3 and gives such a fun blinding highlight and I honestly love it for night time!

My go-to bronzer this year has been the essence luminous matt bronzing powder in 01 sunshine. It's the perfect bronzer and again it's only around £3. It's amazing!

Finally, my fave contouring product is the beauty UK ultimate contour palette. This has completely turned me into a cream contour gal and I think it's the perfect colour for me and is just so natural! 

I have a few favourite lipstick discoveries in 2017! I genuinly couldn't narrow it down anymore so I'll do a little list of all of my favourite lipsticks this year!
MUA Lipstick in shade 7
MUA Lipstick in Coral Flush
MUA Lipstick in Necter
NYX Lingerie in Corset
Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer in "Keep Trying For You"
Maybelline Colour Sensational in coffee craze
Makeup revolution lip kit in Echelon

Beauty tools:
There have been a few new beauty tools I have loved in 2017! These include the Lancome eye brushes, 8, 17, 13 and 11. I have also loved the real techniques setting brush for my highlight!

Fake Tan:
I have two fake tan products I want to mention, they are the solait dry oil and the Garnier sun-kissed body moisturiser! I loved both of these products this year.

There are a few skincare goodies that I loved this year! The Naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser and eye cream, the vitamin E intense moister cream and the Pixi Glow Tonic! I also fell in love with the Loreal Clay brightening Scrub which I forgot to picture, doh!


There are two new perfumes I loved in 2017! The first is Calvin Klein Eternity perfume and the second Ellie Saab's girl of now. The last one I just got for Christmas but I love it so much I had to mention it!

There are three products I loved this year in hair care! The first two are shampoos, the palmers coconut oil shampoo and Selsun anti-dandruff shampoos have been absolute saviours to me this year! And the final thing is the Babyliss tight curls wand, which is a style I have been loving on special occasions this year!

And that is my Beauty roundup for 2017! Did you love any of these products?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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