Monday, 1 January 2018

2017 round up and 2018 goals

Hey guys! And happy new year! I am actually writing this on the 31st of December and I am very excited to be going out tonight to a ball with my family! What did you do for this new years? I wasn't actually going to do much of a 2017 round up this year but then I thought that actually, I would do a quick one before I talk about my goals for next year!

Overall, this year has been really mixed, with lots of ups and downs. First of all, I'll talk about the not so good things that happened this year to get them over with! Firstly, there were quite a few deaths this year which I struggled with, mainly as you guys know, both of my two lovely cats which was a huge blow. I know they had a good long life but it's still really hard knowing they're both gone. Also, really recently my uncle died before Christmas which was also sad and Christmas started with a definite gloomy premise. I have also been struggling a lot this year with thinking about what to do after I finish university and that has been causing me a lot of grief! I think that might be something to go into in another post though!

However, there have been some really lovely moments too. I went abroad with my boyfriend for the first time to Lanzarote this summer.  I also had another lovely holiday with my family down in the Cotswolds. I finished my second year of university with a 2.1 and I am so far enjoying third year a lot, despite it being really difficult! Also, my blog and my social media's have grown so much this year! I know it may still seem small to *some*, but the fact that I'm getting 80+ views on every post now and the fact that I have nearly reached 1600 followers on Twitter and 600 followers on Instagram is actually really amazing to me. I also read the most books this year that I had read in a while, and my next post will be all about those books! I also got to see Mama Mia on stage which was amazing and Cirque Du Soleil as well early this year, as well a Jools Holland recently.

My Goals for 2018:
So for 2018, I have set myself a few goals which I am really excited to complete!

1) To take driving lessons pass my driving test. This one has been a long time coming, but this time I seriously want to do driving lessons and to pass my driving test! It's about bloody time.

2) To buy my blog domain. This one I am actually going to do pretty soon I think and finally buy it!

3) To take blogging more seriously. I want to continue to grow my blog and platforms and to continue to create content I really love on here next year! I would also maybe like to get a bit better at coding so I can finally change my theme...

4) My final goal for 2018 is to seriously try and control my worrying and to try and not let my brain panic about pointless things and to try and cope with situations no matter how uncertain they are.

And they are my 2018 Goals!
I wish you all the best for the new year!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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