Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Stocking fillers for under £10

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! The weather has dropped massively recently and it's beginning to feel more and more like Christmas which is very exciting although I can't believe it's actually December on Friday I honestly don't know where this month has gone! Anyway, if you are being super organised unlike me,  and are currently getting your Christmas shopping done I thought it would be useful to give you a little list of stocking filler ideas. Thes are aimed at anybody of any age really and they may be useful if you want to get your friends/ coworkers something that isn't going to break the bank! Some of these are items that I own that I have received/ would be happy to receive for a little stocking filler and some are just generic things that I have brainstormed that might get you thinking about what to get somebody! All of these items are under £10, because I don't think that anything more than that is really an affordable stocking filler it's basically the main present! By the way, this post is not sponsored at all by any brands these are all things I have thought of and love!

1) So firstly I wanted to mention this gorgeous book "Capture Your Style". I just bought this for myself and I think it would be perfect for anyone you know who's into social media and wants to grow their Instagram account, maybe a good present for a blogger friend! You can get it on Amazon here .

2) A trio of body sprays. Body sprays are such a good stocking filler because they are cheaper than perfume and so cute! I personally love these ones I own by Ted Baker, in fact for Ted Baker do lots of cute gifts around this time of year that would be perfect! Here is a trio that are very similar to mine from boots.

3) Hats and Scarves. This is a good present for anyone of any age/ gender! I personally love receiving hats and scarves in my sack and since it is Christmas I think that everyone would enjoy it! Primark do some really nice ones that are quite cheap! You can have a quick look here at my mini primark haul to see the hat and scaves I picked up!

4) Slippers. Something else anyone would enjoy to have in their sacks! Slippers are very useful in the winter and could be a good present for anyone you are struggling to think of what to get them!

5) Pjays. I love getting a pair of Christmas Pyjamas! I don't think anyone would turn them down! I really like Primark and M&S for pjamas!

6) Yankee candle votives. If the person you re buying for loves candles Yankee votives are a great thing to go for! You can buy a few votives (Small candles) for under £10 which can be really nice since full sized ones are very expensive! Plus this way they get to try out a few different smells to see which ones they like best.

7) Socks. Always a classic, need I say more?

8) Nail polishes. This could be a nice one for people any age! I think your young niece to your grandma would love to get some nail polishes! (Or nephews and Grandads!)

9) A book. Another classic! Usually about half of my Christmas list is books anyway so I would love to receive another one! (Ps, if you are thinking about main presents a kindle might be a really nice idea too, or perhaps a subscription to Audible, an audiobook subscription account.)

10) A lip balm set. In the cold weather lip balms never go amiss and you can get some really cute sets. I really like this one by Nivia!

11) Chocolate! Chocolate is like the classic stocking filler ( you probably already thought of this one...)

12) A gift card. If you are really struggling, you can always bob £10 on a gift card! I honestly really like receiving gift cards it means I can get what I want!

13) A 2018 planner. If you're a savvy shopper you will be able to find a nice 2018 planner for under a tenner!  I love getting a new diary or planner for Christmas! Like this one for £6.50 from Paperchase.

14) A scrapbook. Keeping with the stationery theme, a scrapbook might be a really nice present for someone whose creative! I love keeping my scrapbook and Hobbycraft do some nice ones for under £10! If you are feeling generous you could get them some washi tapes and stickers to go with it! This is the one that I have and it's £6

15) A colouring book. Also a creative present, a colouring book could be a great stocking filler! I have two colouring books and I would be very happy if I received another one!

16) Washing stuff. I'm sure you already thought of this but shower gels/ bath bombs ect make really nice stocking fillers! Boots have some really great deals on for example this Soap and Glory duo for £5!

I hope you enjoyed this stocking filler post! I hope I covered a range of items for different people or at least got you thinking about some good presents for people.
If you are a blogger doing blogmas, check out my last post here for some blogmas ideas!

Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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