Tuesday, 31 October 2017

My October 2017 faves

Hey guys I Hope you are doing well and Happy Halloween! Today I am going to tell you about the things I have been loving in October, there has been quite a lot this month that I have really been loving so I hope you enjoy!

Two things I have been loving skincare wise are the Superdrugs Naturally radiant hot cloth cleanser and eye cream. I did a full review on them last week but I have really been enjoying using them this month!

A shower gel I have been loving this month is the Ted baker shower gel. It smells really perfumed and sweet and I just adore the scent of it, I wish the smell would stay around a bit more, I find it disappears quite quickly! But I still really like it.

I have been loving the Garnier summer body moisturising lotion this month! I know I talked about this in my June favourites but I have sort of rediscovered it this month and I honestly adore it even more! It keeps me looking so tanned even in these winter months!

The first beauty item I have been loving is the Soph Does Nails X makeup revolution eyeshadow pallet. I love this so much it's all I have been wanting to wear on my eyes all month! Such amazing Autumn colours. If you don't have your hands on it already I would definitely recommend!

The second beauty item I have been loving is the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in Coffee craze. Its a sheer brown colour and I think it's so perfect for Autumn!

An item of clothing I have been loving this month is my olive green jeans from New look. I bought these a few weeks ago you may have seen in my last haul and I have just been loving them! I think they are really different for me and they go with everything!

Another thing you may have seen in my haul is my green shirt from Primark. I love to wear this as a shirt dress and I have nothing else like it in my wardrobe, definitely a favourite this month!

I have been loving so much on TV this month! I feel like TV is really good around this time of year, I have been loving Bake Off, Stranger Things, Riverdale, X Factor, American Horror story, Strictly and of course the Apprentice.

Two random things I have been loving this month are Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Gingerbread green tea. They are two super autumny drinks and they have made me feel so comfy to drink! I love them.
Another super random thing this month I have been loving is ASMR. I have recently really got into it and it's my fave thing to listen to before I go to bed!

That is it for the things I have been loving this month!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser Dupe?

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! So today I am doing a review of a few items from Superdrug's own Naturally Radiant collection, the hot cloth cleanser and the brightening eye cream.

Both of these products cost £5.99 and at the moment you can get buy one get one free from the range. I initially went in to try out the hot cloth cleanser, to see if it is as good as Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser which I adore. Unfortunately as a student, forking out £15 for one face product is a bit of an ordeal so I was really excited about trying this product. As someone who has never used an eye cream before, I thought I would give the eye cream a go too to see if I liked it.

The Hot Cloth Cleanser:
You can buy this product with or without a muslin cloth and it is the same price so I picked up one with the cloth to see what it was like too. Firstly, the cloth honestly is not as good as Liz Earle's cloths, it is a lot more scratchy and rough on the face. But what can you expect when you are getting it for free? You actually get 150ml of product for £5.99 as opposed to 100ml for £15 like with Liz Earle so it is really good value for money. The product itself is really creamy and lovely and I personally think it removes my tough Double Wear foundation just as well as my Liz Earle one did. The only thing I am not too keen on is the smell, it's quite a 'masculine' smell, it reminds me of aftershave and I think I prefer the Liz Earle smell, to be honest. Overall I think I have found a winner and so far it has not broken me out or anything and I think I will definitely repurchase, a very good dupe for Liz Earle's hot cloth cleanser!

Eye cream:
This eye cream feels really refreshing and moisturizing for under my eyes. I think that it does initially brighten under the eyes but in terms of long-term effects, I am not so sure. I really do like this product, however, I'm not sure if I would repurchase this really because I am not sure it's doing anything massively to help my under eye circles and I would really like to try some more eye creams!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

ASOS Autumn/ Winter wishlist

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! Today I am showing you my ASOS wish list! I really love these posts as I find them really useful and I hope you guys do too! So without further ado...

Firstly, these chunky over the knee style boots. I love over the knee boots they are back again in fashion for autumn and winter this year! These are actually in the sale right now for £36!

Another pair of shoes in the sale I love are these black ankle boots. Ankle boots are my absolute favourite and i think they go with every outfit! These are down to £28.
Another thing I am loving is this gorgeous jacket! I think it's perfect for winter as it looks so cosy! It is £55.

I am obsessed with ribbed top at the moment and this plain white high neck ribbed top really caught my eye! I think it would look so nice with a pair of jeans or tucked into a skirt! it's £17

A jumper that I am loving is this chunky red knit. Red is everywhere at the moment, it is really in style and I love jumpers in the winter time! I think this would be a really good way to wear red! It is £40
I am really loving skirts at the moment and one that caught my eye in ASOS is this embroidered denim skirt! It's £24.99 and i think the white ribbed top would look really cute tucked into it!

A top that I really like is this  black cropped top with some nice lace detailing! I think it looks really comfy and casual for autumn!
A bag I really love is this nude little bag! I think it's so cute and would go with any outfit! it is £39

And that is everything for my wishlist! I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Top 5 Under £5

Hey guys! I am feeling a little bit swamped right now with uni work and I thought about maybe not posting this week, I really did not feel like doing the post I had scheduled in for this week. But then when I decided to change the topic to something I actually felt like writing I felt instantly better. I think for a while my posts might be quite random as I just pick whatever the hell I feel like writing about on the day! I really don't want to lose interest in blogging now that I'm back in my third year!

Anyway, that aside, I wanted to show you my fave 5 products under £5. I love a good bargain and to be honest the majority of my makeup is quite cheap or drugstore! I love it when I find really good makeup for cheap and since most of my makeup is super affordable it was actually pretty hard to narrow it down to a top 5!

1) My first favourite is the essence luminous matt bronzing powder in the shade sunshine. I love this bronzer so much! It does a really lovely job and is not orangy or glittery in the slightest which you can often get with cheap bronzers. If you are quite pale like me I would really recommend it! This costs £3.

2) My cheapest item in this list are the MUA £1 lipsticks! I have raved about them quite a lot on here and on my Instagram, but I love them! I have three shades which are all quite summery but they are really creamy and last for a considerable amount of time on my lips!

3) Another Lip product and another MUA product are the MUA velvet lip lacquers. Again, I have three shades of this and I really like them. Reviews are quite mixed because they are a little drying, but I personally think they last for a really long time on the lips! These are only £3 each which is such a bargain.

4) The most expensive item on my list is the Makeup revolution brow pomade. So I kinda cheated here because it's technically £6, but the Freedom brow pomade ( a sister brand of Revolution) is £5 and that is supposedly exactly the same, so if you want to save yourself a quid go for that one! But I have the revolution one but just pretend its the Freedom one for this post! This is quite a recent find for me and I am obsessed with it at the moment. It is the only thing I want to use on my brows and it's an amazing dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade.

5) Last but by no means least is the Collection Eyes Uncovered eyeshadow pallet in Nude Rose. Such a gorgeous selection of eyeshadows that are such a steal for £3.99. They are super pigmented and easy to blend and I think you can create many good looks from it! It's really light and easy to travel with too.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you did let me know and I will do a top 10  for under £10 too!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Monday, 2 October 2017

October Goals

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! Today is my first day back properly at university which feels a bit surreal, I am definitely not feeling prepared for all the third year work I'm going to be doing! I have never done one of these posts before but I really wanted to do my goals for October since it's quite a big month for me! And who knows maybe I'll do some more of these throughout next year!

1) My first goal is to get ahead on uni work. I know it's only my first day back but it's such an important year this year and I do not want to fall behind! I already feel like everyone has their dissertation sorted out and I'm far behind so I definitely want to start knuckling down soon and getting to work!

2) Enjoy my last year of uni. It is really important for me to get working but this month I also want to keep in mind that it's my last year of university and to remember that and remember to enjoy myself too!

3) My third goal is to try and push ahead with my volunteering! I really want to get into my volunteering more and to try really hard with that!

4) My fourth goal is to blog once a week. I know that now I'm back at uni it's going to be really hard to keep up blogging so much but I really would like to try and blog once a week still, even if it's just a small post or a tag, I definitely don't want to stop!

5) My fifth goal is a bit strange but I really want to start taking more time to get myself together in a morning and take more pride in what I am wearing! I love Autumn fashion so much and I would really like to start putting myself together a bit more in the morning!

6) Drink lots of pumpkin spice lattes! This is a silly little goal but PSL aren't around forever and I need to make the most of them while they are here!

That is all my goals for October! I actually have a wedding coming up this month and I am really excited to be able to go out for Halloween too and get dressed up!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x