Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pros and Cons of being an adult

Hey guys! I hope you are okay! I am back to uni now to start my third year which is really crazy! I can't believe I am in my final year it doesn't seem like three minuet's since I was a fresher! Since I have lived independently for a while now I thought it would be a good idea to write a post on some of the pros and cons I have found while being an "adult." Not that I feel old enough to call myself that though at all!

- Freedom. This is like the most obvious pro with getting older, you have more freedom which can feel really nice. Even while living at home as an adult there is still an obligation I feel to my parents to let them know where I am and what I'll be doing and when to expect me home etc but living independently it means I have a lot less "ties."

- Responsibility. This may seem like a strange one to some people but I actually really enjoy some level of responsibility now that I am getting older. I genuinely like to be in control of my money and to be more independent and to accept all the responsibility that comes with it. I (weirdly?) enjoy having to be more organized and to look out for myself.

- Satisfaction. Related to the last point, there becomes a lot more satisfaction when living on your own about doing certain things, and I genuinely feel proud of myself for things like remembering to cook and stuff. Like at first it seems like a pain but at the end of it I feel good about myself.

- Fewer worries about certain things. As you get older your worries start to switch. As I have gotten older I have found myself caring so much less about what people think of me and I am more ready to speak up for things I believe in.

- Confidence. This is another massive thing that I have gained while getting older and become more of an adult. I have a lot more confidence for things like phone calls and traveling alone and even just in social situations.

- Expensive. Okay, getting older is expensive! There is so much that I took for granted that my parents paid for and now that I am older honestly money worries are constantly at the back of my mind. Who knew tea bags were so expensive!

- New worries. So I got rid of some old anxieties but gained a few new ones too. There are a lot of new stresses in my life at the moment, worrying about bills and considering my future more and more everyday.

- Responsibility. There are some responsibilities I don't like. Some small parts of adult life that I took for granted when I was younger such as remembering to buy loo roll and bin bags and stuff that can seem a bit overwhelming at times!

-Freedom. Freedom can be a bit of a blessing and a curse. It means that there's no one to check you got out of bed or that you're eating right and it can be hard at the beginning to keep yourself in check!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What pros and cons have you found as you have gotten older?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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