Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The Cotsworlds 2017

Hey guys! I have just come home from my week away with my family to the Cotswolds! I never really get down south much and I had a lovely week away. I am back with another travel post as I wanted to tell you about the things we got up to away! I went away with my parents and sister, my boyfriend and my sister's friend. We stayed in a lovely cottage in Castle Combe, which is so pretty and where films such as Stardust and War horse have been filmed! It was exciting recognising scenes from these films right outside our cottage! The cottage itself was gorgeous and old worldly, and me and my boyfriend were in a four poster bed which I loved. Here are some pictures of the outside of our cottage and the little village around us.

On the first full day of staying here, we went into Bath. I was actually really looking forward to this as I had always wanted to go and look round the Roman baths. I loved it here and I would definitely return! Bath had some really pretty bits around town including the pretty umbrellas hanging above streets (needed in the drizzly weather!) and flowers in telephone booths! I also took a few photos of the cathedral and the baths too!

On the second day, we went into Chippenham. There wasn't much here so I didn't really take any photos! It was just a little-modernised town. We were unsure of what to do on the next day, so I had a google and we decided to go to Lacock Abbey and I am glad we did! I loved it here, it was a very pretty abbey with a beautiful house attached to it and gorgeous gardens. Lacock village was also very pretty, and bits of Harry Potter was filmed in the abbey and in the village! I loved recognising them from the film!

                                                    (Quirrell's potions room!)

                                                      (Harry Potters house as seen in the flashbacks in the first film
                                                      of Harry's parents being killed by Voldemort.)

On the Saturday, we decided to go into Bristol. I love Bristol and it's been 5 years since I last went so I was really excited to go! I didn't get any pictures but I picked up a few things in the massive Primark and had a lovely meal in the hole in the wall.

On Sunday we went into a little town called Tetbury. A lot was closed up on the Sunday but we still had a nice wander around and went into the Highgrove shop, looking at all the lovely things I can't afford!

On the Monday, we had a relaxed day and had a little walk around castle combe and a nice pub lunch. On Tuesday, the day we were going home, we broke up the driving with a trip to Warwick castle. I had not been for ages and I loved it! I didn't remember anything from the last time I visited and despite the horrible weather, we all had a really lovely day! I loved the live action war of the roses and the jousting!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Now I am back I am resting and relaxing today!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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