Monday, 14 August 2017

L'Oreal clay glow scrub review

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. Today I am back with a review of a new exfoliator I have been using for the past few weeks. This exfoliator is £6 from Superdrug and since I was looking for a new one, I decided to go for a cheaper alternative to my usual Liz Earle exfoliator and try something different. If you have been reading my tweets lately you might know that my skin has been acting up over the last month or so. I have had mass breakouts especially on my chin but on my forehead and cheeks a little too. since converting to Liz Earle skincare over a year ago, my breakouts have been quite small (although still having a few now and then) and this is the worst my face has broken out since last years exam period. I'm not sure what has brought it on, I have not changed anything in my foundation or skincare routine. Thinking my face has maybe gotten used to the Liz Earle routine I am trying to switch my skincare products up! Having used this product for about two weeks I thought I would give you some thoughts on it!

Firstly, my face has gotten a little better since using this product. However, that is likely to be down to a contribution of many factors so I can't say just yet that this product has done anything particularly to my acne, however, it has not broken me out or made it worse and I think it could be one contribution to my breakout clearing up a little.

This product is recommended to be used twice a day which threw me off a little as I am used to only using an exfoliator twice a week. Despite being okay for twice a day everyday use, I use this product once every other evening. This is quite a gentle scrub, it's not abrasive but my face does feel tighter after using it and I think it would be too drying to use it as much as it suggests too. I am using it more than I usually exfoliate, but not as much as it suggests.

I really like how this exfoliator smells, but I have to say it is quite perfumed which I was a bit unsure about when I first used it. I just thought I'd mention this as I know perfumed skin care is a big no no for many people. Another thing I thought I would mention is that it is quite staining to cloths and flannels. A few of my flannels have some orange stains on them now! But this doesn't bother me too much but maybe use some old face cloths!

This product claims to be cleansing, brightening and exfoliating. I do think it is really cleansing, my face feels really clean after I have used it and I feel like it's taking any remainder of foundation off after cleansing beforehand. I'm not sure about brightening, I don't think it has made a massive difference to scars or anything or made my skin particularly "glowy" but maybe I haven't been focusing on this as I am mainly just looking for its effect on my breakouts.This product leaves my skin feeling quite soft, although not as soft as my Liz Earle exfoliator.

Overall I do really like this product, I am going to continue using it and see the long term effects it has on my face. This is the first L'oreal skin care product I have tried and I really want to try some of their well talked about masks.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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