Saturday, 12 August 2017

Leibster award #4

Hey guys! Hope you are okay! Within my four years of blogging, I am no stranger to the Liebster award and this is the fourth time I have been nominated.This time by the lovely Rachel from apearlydream (who is one of my fave bloggers by the way and you should definitely check her out!) It's been a few years since I have done one though so I was really excited to be nominated again and to get to do it again! As usual with my tags, I tag anyone who reads this and fancies having a go (maybe even for the second, third or fourth time too) at doing this and answering my questions! Anyway on with answering the questions Rachel has set!

1) Why did you start blogging? 
Originally I wanted a little space for my thoughts (hence the name!) and wanted to help and inspire people. My main goal was to help people and to begin with my blog posts tackled some big issues like depression and body issues. I also used to share and talk about a lot of different quotes and stuff. Since then my blog has changed a bit and I talk a lot more about beauty stuff and other bits now but I do want to go back to my roots a bit more I think!

2) What are your current blogging goals?
At the moment I wouldn't really say I have any major goals, I would like to carry on as I am doing hopefully getting more views and followers on various social media sites and generally growing my blog. I also want to improve my photo skills and come by birthday (in 6 months time lol) I should be getting a proper camera and hopefully, that will up my blog game a bit!

3) If money wasn't an issue what would you want to do with your life?
I love this question! I think if money wasn't an issue I'd go travelling more. I know thats quite a boring and bog standard answer but that would definitely be something I'd do! I also would be able to buy more blog stuff (a really good camera and lenses ect) so I'd really put money into blogging I think! I'd also be more inclined to stay on at university and definitely do masters as I wouldn't need to worry about affording that!

4) Where do you see your blog in five years?
This is really hard, I tend not to make such long term plans for my blog as such as I just take each day as it comes and hope that each time I post I get a few more views than the last! I would like to say that if I do really stick to my blog it will hopefully have grown more. I would also like to think that I would have bought my own domain too. But in terms of content, I really couldn't say, my content has changed so much over the course of the four years I've been blogging so it will have probably changed again!

5) What would you describe your blogging style as and why?
I tend to describe myself as a lifestyle, beauty and book blogger as at the moment they are the three main things I tend to focus on!

6) What advice would you give to new bloggers?
I would say not to get het up about followings and views and stuff, I never did when I started out I just created content I loved (and I still do that!) At the end of the day so what I don't get all these views as long as I am creating and writing about things that bring me happiness! I would also say give blogging a while before you majorly invest into it so you know you love it and will stick at it!

7) What is your biggest fashion or beauty faux pas?
I have definitly had a few!  Before I really wore foundation I used to wear a bright orange concealer all over my face which was probably not my best look. I also used to wear bright blue eyeshadow and no other makeup, just the eyeshadow!

8) What is your favourite beauty item?
This is hard because it changes quite a lot actually. I do really like my double wear foundation as it covers my acne up really well.

9) What is your favourite form of social media?
At the moment it's twitter! It used to be Facebook for ages until I got into the twitter blogging community and now it's livened up my timeline a lot! I wish I liked Instagram but I find it so hard to grow!

10) What tools of the trade would you recommend to new bloggers?
I would recommend buffer, which is an app that schedules your tweets and a good photo editing app! I would also recommend getting into blogger chats on twitter.

11) Would you ever stop blogging?
Right now, no! I love blogging so much! But I know what I am like and I have had breaks from blogging before that have lasted for 8 months plus. You're never too sure either what life throws at you and I don't know how blogging will fit into my life when I leave uni or start a proper job and stuff. But definitely not in the near future!

I hope you enjoyed me answering these questions! If you want to have a go, here are my 11 questions to you:
1) What is the meaning behind your blog name?
2) What is your favourite season and why?
3) If you could do anything for a living what would it be and why?
4) What do you think about the blogging community?
5) Who is your favourite blogger?
6) If you could do a collab with anyone who would it be?
7) What animal would you love to have as a pet?
8) What is your guilty pleasure?
9) What tips have you got to make blogging easier for you?
10) If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
11) Why is blogging important to you?

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you decide to answer my questions don't forget to tag me so I can read them!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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