Tuesday, 29 August 2017

August 2017 favourites

Hey guys! Today I am doing my August favorites! You guys know I never do these every month but this month I actually felt like I had a lot of things to show and by the first week in August I was feeling excited to write this post!

My first favourite has been getting my nails done. I have never really been into this before but over the past few months I have been loving getting my gel nails done. As a nail biter, I need my nails to look nice to stop me biting them and it really helped, my nails got a lot longer! But they have since all snapped off unfortunately!

The biggest thing I have been loving this month are chokers and hoops. I bought a pack of chokers from Primark and I am obsessed with them, I love them so much! And I love these hoops I got from H&M, they're gorgeous.

Another Primark buy I have been loving through August are these gray Harry Potter Leggings. They're so comfortable and soft and a cross between trackie bottoms and leggings! I love them.

I have been loving a few beauty things in August too. Firstly my makeup revolution brow pomade. I have never used a pomade before but I love this so much! Secondly is the Miss baby roll mascara. This has become my favorite mascara and I think it's really good.

A favorite book this month has been this 100 Years of Weather photo book. I have never been a fan of photography books before but I love this one. I just love flicking through this book and looking at all the weather from throughout history, I think it's really interesting and cool.

A candle I have loved in August is the Summer Scoop Yankee candle. It's honestly amazing it smells like Raspberry ripple ice cream. I talked about it before in my nighttime routine and I have honestly just been obsessed with it.

Something random I have been loving this month is scrapbooking. I had never been into scrapbooking before but I just love showing my memories from important events like holidays and such into a book. It's something fun and creative to do.

An app I have been loving this month is Duolingo. I have never used this before but I decide that I would like to get back into learning French as I always loved it at school and this app is amazing. I feel like I could write an entire post on it and it has so many languages you can choose from. If you want to learn a new language I would 100% recommend it.

Finally, something I have been enjoying watching in August has been the IT crowed. I can't believe I have never seen it before but all of it is now on Netflix and I loved it so much. It's side splitting hilarious and It's definitely my favorite thing I watched in August.

So that's everything I have been majorly loving this month! Have you guys enjoyed any of these things too? By the way, I have officially started my bookclub over on the twitter @ lilposbookclub. Our first book is My not so perfect life by Sophie Kinsella and I hope you guys will read it and join in with the chat at the end of the month!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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