Saturday, 26 August 2017

40 Self care ideas

Hey guys! I hope you are well! Today I want to share with you some ideas for self-care. In our busy schedules, it can be really hard to put some effort into ourselves and making ourselves feel good. Life can get really hectic and it is really important to take stress breaks, even if it is just for a few minutes a day just to feel a bit better. So I thought I would share with you some self-care ideas!

1) Take a bath with a bath bomb
2) Light a scented candle
3) Read a book (if you are looking for inspiration join my new book club on twitter @ lilposbookclub)
4) Take some time to go outside and get some fresh air
5) Have an early night
6) Buy yourself some flowers
7) Do some yoga (Yoga with Adriene has some amazing videos for anxiety)
8) Eat some fruit
9) Put a face mask on and relax watching youtube
10) Watch your favourite film
11) Learn a new skill (You could download Duolingo, a free app which lets you learn a new language)
12) Have a clear out and tidy your room
13) Call a friend
14) Cook a new meal (try deliciously Ella's website, she puts up loads of healthy recipes)
15) Take time to plan your day out
16) Paint your nails
17) Slow down and be present, even if it's just for five minutes
18) Allow yourself to have a recharge day
19) Get yourself into the habit of having a filling, healthy breakfast such as porridge
20) Read positive posts and affirmations (check out this blog here, it encourages self-improvement and mindfulness and self-care. If you're looking for motivation this will help!)
21) Write down some things you are grateful for
22) Prepare a pamper box for yourself. You could fill it with a new DVD, some lovely shower/bath products, some comfy pyjamas ect.
23) Do some exercise (I love blogilaties on youtube she has some amazing workouts and you'll feel so good after them!)
24) Have a nice hot drink, some hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or some water and lemon.
25) Eat a meal (or maybe some chocolate) slowly and take time to appreciate how it tastes.
26) Write down the things you love about yourself
27) Find satisfaction in what you are doing
28) Time manage between working and relaxing
29) Do a random act of kindness to someone, surprise them with a coffee or their favorite food.
30) take a social media break for an hour
31) Write a letter to a friend
32) Give yourself a little massage
33) Put on your favourite songs and have a dance around your room
34) Give yourself permission to say no
35) Create a goal and stick with it (to drink more water or to read more ect)
36) Get dressed up, do makeup and put together a nice outfit. You'll feel amazing, even if its just to go to the shops!
37) Make a list of the things that are getting you down and think about what you can do about them
38) Step out of your comfort zone
39) Go for a bike ride
40) Treat yourself to a blow dry and wash at the hairdressers.

There you have some of my ideas for self care! They range in price (most are free!) and time so hopefully everyone will be able to find something they can do! Or maybe even try to do one every day for the next 40 days!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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