Monday, 24 July 2017

What to do when you can't sleep

Hey guys! I hope you are okay! Today's post is going to be all about what to do when you can't sleep. I know as well as anyone how annoying it is when you have something important the next day and you can't get to sleep no matter how tired you feel. The frustration and panicking about not being able to sleep makes it worse. I definitely get this a lot and it can be such a pain in the arse so I thought I would share with you some things that help me to finally get some sleep.

Don't keep checking the time 
This is more of a don't than a do but it is perhaps the most important one. Believe me, checking the time every five minutes and calculating exactly how much sleep you could get if you could go to sleep in just ten minutes does not help. It just adds to panic and frustration. It might even be best for you to avoid going to your phone at all, especially going onto social media.

Take a mini walk/ do some gentle yoga 
When I can't sleep I get really restless and sometimes it can be good to try and stop twisting and turning in bed and expel a bit of energy. It's not a good idea to do something that is going to make yourself wide awake or excite you, I wouldn't recommend some hardcore cardio. But sometimes I like to walk around the house for a little bit or do some very gentle yoga. Maybe have a go at doing this video. It's by Yoga with Adriene my favourite youtube yogi and it's a gentle 10-minute video focusing on some relaxing stretches and massages.

Run hands under tap 
This is sort of a bizarre one but it is something that calms me down when I'm nervous and sort of works in the same way here, running my hands under a cold tap for a bit seems to work.

Get naked
This works in the same way as the last idea, to cool you down. When I can't sleep I tend to work myself up and get frustrated and too warm. I find that by taking my duvet off and my clothes off and maybe doing another one of these tips until I get cold. By that point, I can't wait to get back under my covers and get warm and comfy again and then I fall asleep.

Warm up
Conversely, if you are too cold and that's why you can't sleep try adding blankets or wearing a pair of fluffy socks or using a hot water bottle. I use all of these in the winter when I'm cold.

Some times it's good just to admit defeat. It's best just to admit that you're not going to sleep anytime soon and turn your light back on. Sometimes I'll read for another half an hour to take my mind off the fact I can't sleep until my eyes get tired.

Breathing Techniques 
Focusing on your breathing and not on the fact you can't sleep can help settle you down and calm you down.

This is a really old fashioned one I know but it seriously works for me. Counting can really help my brain focus if I'm unable to sleep because of thoughts flying everywhere.

Relaxing music/ video
Another calming technique can be to listen to some relaxing music or a relaxing video. ASMR works for some people, causing tingly and relaxing sensations. Try listening to this video and see if it helps you!

There you are, guys, some of my tips for when you can't sleep! You can also try some natural herbal sleeping tablets, I have never used them but my friend swears by them and that they really relax her!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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