Friday, 7 July 2017

What I'm taking on holiday

Hey guys! I am going on Holiday on Saturday so there will be no blog posts next week! But I did want to show you some of the things I am bringing with me on holiday. I am going to Lanzarote for a week with my boyfriend and I am really excited! I actually haven't been abroad for a few years, and even more time has been since I've been abroad for a summer holiday for nice weather so it feels really nice having been packing shorts and tee shirts! I hope you like this post.

First of all Shoes:

I am packing four pairs of shoes (as well as taking some unpictured converse with me for travelling). The sparkly silver roman sandals are a recent buy from Primark, they were £8 I believe and I'm excited to wear them! The Pink flipflops were also a recent Primarni purchase, they were only 99p. We will see how long they last anyway! The black roman sandals I got the last time I had a summer holiday abroad (probably three years ago?) from Office and the pink sandals are my comfy walking around in shoes and I've had them for god knows how long. Not elegant, but comfy!

Now for some everyday clothes!
For day to day clothing, I have brought two pairs of shorts, a blue pair and a black pair. I have also brought 7 tee shirts. I have also got an old top to go over my swimming costumes to cover my shoulders for when I go swimming in the hottest parts of the day. I am also bringing some dresses and other outfits but I have decided not to show them as I will do a holiday outfit post when I get back! Plus I will show some on my Instagram too and I want them to be a surprise!

Swim wear:

 I am bringing three swimming outfits with me. The first is a full body but backless swimming costume. I got this for around £20 from H&M a few months ago. The spotty bikini I got a few weeks ago from Primark, I think it was about £8. The other blue and white bikini is my old "spare" bikini. I've had this for a few years and I'm bringing it as a spare one in case my other two still need to dry off! I will also be bringing my goggles and a sarong.

First aid:
I am also bringing a little first aid kit. For suncreams, I am bringing p20, which is so good as you just put it on and it lasts all day. I also have a mini suncream for my bag and a factor 50 suncream too as the P20 is only factor 30.  I also have some wet wipes, Savoln, plasters, anti-bite cream and painkillers.

Toiletries and Perfume:
For skincare and haircare, I am bringing all of my usual stuff so I have not bothered to show all of that! I am bringing two perfumes, my Christina Aguilera Royal Desire, as I want to try and use this up, and my Swarovski perfume in Aura. I am also bringing some adorable mini's. A sure deodorant, a mint and tea tree body wash, a strawberry body wash and a toasted marshmallow body lotion.

I am bringing two little short and tank top sets! It's going to be so hot so I need cool sleepwear (if I need any at all!)

This is the makeup I am binging with me! I do not think i will be wearing too much makeup on a day to day basis. I am bringing quite cheap makeup, just incase it smashes or I loose it and so everything is easy to replace. I am bringing two £4 eyeshadow palettes, a primer and foundation (these are the most expensive things here but my foundation is running low anyway) and all of my usual eye makeup. I am bringing four lipsticks, lovely coral pink colours and a palette with a contour, highlight and blush. I am bringing a strobing cream too (I know I'll want to look glowy on holiday!).

Extras (bags, sunglasses):

I am bringing two bags, one unpictured that I am using for my carry on, and my sunnies and a sun hat! I don't really have a nice sunhat so this old cap will have to do!

Carry on:
In my Carry on I am bringing my Ipad and Kindle. For this holiday I am bringing Miss Peregrine's home for Peculiar children, all three books on my Kindle. I also have my sunglasses, passport, bobbles and two purses.

And that is pretty much what I am bringing! There are a number of things that I haven't shown you but they are all quite boring things!
I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll see you when I get back.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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