Thursday, 27 July 2017

My blogging essentials

Hey guys! I hope you are well! Today I am going to be talking about my blogging essentials and what I use to create/plan blogs and other things that are important to me when it comes to blogging! I am writing this with my cat currently lying across my arms despite there also being a laptop on my knee thus my hand movements and view of my keyboard is somewhat limited. Needless to say, Casper is not part of my blogging essentials! He's a blogging hindrance!

A diary
My first blogging essentials is a diary. This is used to plan out when I am going to be putting my blog posts up. especially when I am at uni, blogging requires a little bit of thought and planning ahead so I like to get everything organised by using a diary.

A Notepad
This might be quite an obvious one but it is a really important one. I could not blog without my notepad. I use it to jot everything down, all my ideas and even to plan out some posts. List style blog posts (like this one) require a bit of planning out I find and favourites and things like that so I use this to plan out these type of posts. If I am doing reviews sometimes I use it to write down my thoughts too.

This is an app I use to schedule my tweets. This is really useful, when I upload a blog I write numerous posts on this app to tweet my post a few more times during the week. I definitely do not tweet about my blog posts enough and this app has helped me get more into the habit of doing it and I've definitely noticed a difference with my views! It's also useful if I'm going on holiday, stops me worrying that my engagement is going to drop massively when I am away.

Photo grid
I use this app to group pictures together and put them into a layout. I also like to use it for writing on pictures.

Another app I count as an essential. It's my favourite photo editing app at the moment. I have only recently really gotten into editing my photos and I know my blog and insta photos are not the best but I think they're getting better!

The blog community on twitter is a big blogging essential for me! Blog pages and chats have really helped to increase my engagement and are a big help for inspiration!

A blog book
Another big inspiration help is getting a blogging book. There are quite a lot out there now and I would love to try some more but one I really love is called 365 blog topic ideas. I love flicking through it for inspiration and it really does have a blog idea for every single day of the year! If you have any blogging books you like please let me know I would love to buy some more!

So there are my blogging essentials! Do you have any blogging essentials you couldn't live without?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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