Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Lanzarote 2017

Hey guys! I am back from my holiday! I had such a lovely time in Lanzarote, I went for a week with my boyfriend. I thought I'd show you some of the things we got up to on our first holiday together abroad (spoiler, a lot of relaxation!)

The weather was lovely (as expected) but Lanzarote is known for being quite windy so there was always a breeze which kept the heat down! We arrived on the Saturday at about four and we got a taxi to our apartment. We were only about 15 minutes away from the airport luckily so we didn't need to get a coach. The place we were staying in was called Camel's Spring and it was a lovely quiet place with a little pool. But the pool was always quite cold! On the day we arrived we checked out our little apartment, we had all the basic stuff and a little kitchen area it was really lovely and our apartment was right next to the pool so it had nice views. Here are a few photos of the apartment.

Then we unpacked and relaxed before going out to tea. I have to admit, this holiday we ate out a lot! Nearly every night but thats what holidays are for, right?

The next day we had a lovely relaxing day by the pool. I started reading Miss Peregrine's home for peculiar children.
I actually really enjoyed this trilogy and I would recommend them for a summer read!

On Monday, we went on an excursion. We got up at half 7 (!!) to get the bus down to the south of Lanzarote for a tour of the Volcanos, a camel ride and wine tasting! I was kind of nervous to ride the camels actually, and even more nervous to tour around the narrow roads up the volcanos! But I had a lovely time actually, and if you go to Lanzarote the "short south tour" is worth doing. Unfortunately the day we did this it was actually quite cold and a little bit rainy because we were so high up!

The Camel ride I actually enjoyed! It was very bumpy and I was quite nervous I have to admit but I did have a good time and luckily the camel we were on behaved!

The volcano was so hot that it was used to be cooked on which I thought was really cool!
I didn't get a picture of the wine tasting but I have to say, for someone who doesn't like wine I really liked the Lanzarote wine! It was delicious I wish I had bought myself a bottle or two!

On Tuesday we decided to go to the beach! There were two beaches near us, a black beach which was closer and a white beach which was a bit further away (but not too far!) we went to both. The problem was, the breeze meant the sand got EVERYWHERE! We were so sandy, it stuck to our sun cream.

For the rest of the week, we relaxed some more and chilled by the pool or the beach. It was actually really lovely and relaxing. We went for cocktails a few times which were really nice (they do measures really big there, took me by surprise!)

We had a lovely time and a lot of lovely food (I would recommend the goats cheese it's amazing!) and I can't wait for my next holiday!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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