Friday, 21 July 2017

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell- Susanna Clarke, book review

Hey guys! I hope you are okay! Today I am bringing you a book review but before that, I just want to mention a new little book club I have set up. It is a body positivity book club, where each month we will discuss a new book that will often (but not always) be a body positive book. I will also be sharing lots of book related and body positive content so if you love books and/ or body positivity please go and follow the twitter account here (@ lilposbookclub).

Anyway, today I wanted to do a review on a mammoth book I have been reading lately! I have to admit this took me a little while to get through (nearly a month!) but I did take a week off for my holiday! Despite it being rather large (over 1000 pages) I have to say never once was I bored of reading this book!

It is set in Yorkshire about a magician who wants to restore magic back to England. However, he is somewhat thwarted by the rise of a new magician who has rather different ideas. Despite being about magic and faeries, it is by no means a children's or YA novel. It's a book for any good reader and despite being extremely mystical, it makes magic seem very realistic. If you are sick of YA faerie type books do not worry because this is not one of them! It makes magic seem so intrinsic throughout England that I forgot it doesn't exist in the real world!

The book is set in the 1800's and although it was written in 2005, the language and style used make's the book read like it was written in the 1800's too. I mean it's not as hard to read as a Bronte novel or a Dickens novel or anything, but it does take a bit of getting used to if you haven't read many books written in old style English before.

It is not often that I read a book and have no criticism of it but I genuinely can't fault this book one bit! Absolutely nothing about this book annoyed me in any way and I think that this is my favourite novel of the year so far! I even loved the ending (which is a rarity for me!) This book does look a bit daunting with its large size and it's old fashioned language but I would really recommend giving it a go! I found it extremely funny and enjoyable with just the right amount of sadness and action too.

I probably would not recommend it to take on holiday though, it weighs a tonne! Unless you get it as an ebook of course!

Overall I would definitely check this out! I can see that it might not be to everyone tastes but at least give it a go! I loved it!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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