Thursday, 6 July 2017

First impressions- TK Max brushes, MUA and more

Hey guys! This is a cheeky extra post today! I have an exciting pre-holiday blog post for tomorrow but since I am not going to be posting at all next week I spontaneously decided to squeeze in this little post today. Today I am going to be doing a first impressions of several new makeup bits I bought yesterday. I have literally just sat down having just put them on my face and I thought I would share my thoughts.

Here we have the MUA brow define tinted mascara in Mid brown (£2), the Makeup Revolution single blush in Now (£1), the MUA Silent Disco eyeshadow palette, and these Isabella Scott eyebrow brushes (£6.99- TK Max).

So first of all I did my brows as I had two new eyebrow products to try. The brushes come with a slanted brush, a spoolie, a sponge eyeshadow brush and a comb/brush. I really like the handles on these brushes, an almost marble white effect and for only £6.99, four brushes is not bad. I used the spoolie to comb through my eyebrows and then applied my usual brow powder product to my brows using the slanted brush. I don't really have any problems with these brushes. They are sturdy and not flimsy and they don't shed or anything so if you are looking for some cheap brushes I would check these out. The slanted brush is a little on the thick side, but nothing bad. The only brush I won't use really is the sponge brush as I never use these, but it is a pretty one so I will hang onto it in my collection.

After I had put my usual powder in I used the MUA brow tint over the top. I have to say on my first go I am not overly impressed with this. The brush is really thick and makes it hard to be precise with my brows. I ended up with a lot of product like all over my face as it was hard to concentrate it, and because of the brush size it gave off random clumps. I will be trying this again but I'm not so sure at the moment.

After finishing my foundation and concealer, I moved onto eyeshadow. I was probably most excited to try this (this was what I had gone in to Superdrug to originally buy.) I don't have any colourful palettes and now its summer I have been wanting to play around with colour more. These colours are really pigmented, I have swatched a few and I have to say the dark blue and purple I love and I am excited to put them on my lids. First of all though, I used the two pinks, the yellow and the darker orange to create a sunset look. I did like this look (pictures below) but I wish the pink had been more of a hot pink, it was not deep enough for me.

Finally, after doing the rest of my eyes and face and finished off with the blush. This blush is really highly pigmented, I would be scared to get a bolder colour! This colour is right up my street, a lovely pinky mauve colour. It came off so pigmented and kicked up a lot of product in the pan however I do really like this blush. It reminds me of the Clinique blush in iced lotus which is my all time favourite blush and this is unbelievably low in price in comparison.

Here is the finished result! (Ignore my dodgy eyeliner- I am obviously no inspiring makeup artist but I wanted you to see how it looked. I also didn't bother contouring or bronzing so I look somewhat washed out)

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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