Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The mix up book tag with my sister

Hey guys! Today is day two of my one blog post a day week and today I am doing a fun book tag with my sister! I have scoured together 20 questions from lots of different book tags I have found over the internet and even added some of my own questions too. My sister Heather is just as big a fan of books as I am and so I thought it would be fun for us both to answer some book related questions. I have named this tag the "mix up" book tag and I would love it if some of you guys had a go at this tag too, let me know if any of you guys do this!

1) A Love Triangle Where The MC Ends Up With The Person You Didn’t Want Them To End Up With:

H: Wuthering Hights (kind of!)
E: The Hunger Games! I wanted Katniss to end up with Gabe and not Peeta, definitely a bit of an unpopular opinion.

2) A Popular Character You Didn’t Like:

H: Tessa from the Infernal Devices, she messed around Will and Jem!
E: I also found Tessa and Clary quite annoying, they both did annoying things.

3) What is one book to movie adaptation you are dying to see?

H: A new adaptation of Wuthering Hights, or the Infernal Devices
E: I would maybe say We Were Liars, I think that would be really good as a movie, or maybe the Chaos Walking trilogy

4) Do you get sick while reading in the car?

H: Definitely! I get sick being in the car without reading.
E: The car yes, train no

5) What is your favourite classic book?

H: Wuthering Hights (Can you see a pattern here?) Or maybe Dracula
E: I have talked about these before but Catcher in the Rye or the Colour Purple

6) Do you prefer love triangles or forbidden loves?

H: Forbidden loves
E: Neither really but if I had to choose love triangles

7) Who is your all time favourite author?

H: Don't really have one at the moment, used to be Cassandra Clare but I'm not sure anymore.
E: Probably JK Rowling, or at the moment I am loving Patrick Ness.

8) The worst book you have ever read?

H: I hated Great Expectations! I know this is an unpopular opinion.
E: Recently I read Sphinx and The Map by T.S Learner which I thought were rubbish.

9) What is your favourite genre of book?

H: At the moment, dystopian novels
E: I actually don't have a favourite, I love all genres and love to try different books from all the genres

10) Do you prefer full on romance books or action-packed with a few love scenes mixed in?

H: Probably action packed with a few love scenes
E: Same, I hate full on romantic books!

11) Which book is your guilty pleasure?

H: The Princess Diaries
E: Probably also the Princess Diaries, we love these books!

12) Which book have you read the most?

H: City of Glass, I love the introduction of Sebastian!
E: The Harry Potter series! I've read them so much and I just never get bored

13) Which book made you cry the most?

H: I have never cried at a book! Probably a bit teary eyes at Wuthering Hights
E: I sobbed my heart out at the Divergent trilogy and The Fault In Our Stars, oh and A Monster Calls.

14) Which book made you laugh the most?

H: I found Johnathan Strange and Mr Norell funny actually
E: I love the Georgia Nicholson books! They never fail to make me laugh! I also really enjoyed the Rosie Project and the Rosie Effect, they were both really funny.

15) Describe your perfect reading spot?

H: In my bed!
E: Also in my bed, anywhere warm and comfy

16) What is your favourite reading snack?

H: Biscuits! Especially chocolate digestives
E: Hot drinks, hot chocolates and teas and coffees, or just some chocolate

17) What are three main character pet peeves?

H: Someone who plays around their love interests, when the main character is overly "edgy" and when the main character is American!
E: When main characters drop everything for their love interest/ do stupid things for their love interest, when they're too rash and don't think actions through, and the main character has no sense of humour.

18) What is a book you’ve been meaning to get round to reading for ages?

H: To try and actually finish Pride and Prejudice
E: Johnathan Strange and Mr Norell, Heather keeps bugging me to read it, also the Saxon Series I've been meaning to read.

19) Can you read multiple books or just one at a time?

H: One at a time! Otherwise, I get confused
E: Also one at a time, I like to finish a book before I start a new one

20) What is one book you would recommend to everyone? 

H: High Rise, try and give it a good go
E: I would say Catcher in the Rye or the Handmaids Tale, both are really important books.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this book tag! Remember to have a go and do it yourself.
Lots of love,
Eleanor and Heather x

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