Sunday, 11 June 2017

My shampoo routine updated - Dry itchy and flaky scalp

Hey guys! Its the final day of my blog a day week which is actually quite sad I have been enjoying posting all week! I will hopefully be posting two times a week from now on (maybe even three sometimes!) Today I wanted to tell you about two shampoos I have been loving recently. 

If you have been reading my posts for a long time (or have ever looked back and read some of my earlier posts) you will know that I have used and raved about the John Frieda go blonder shampoo and conditioner for literally so long, maybe 6 or so years. But recently my hair had a massive freak out and my scalp got so itchy and flaky and dry, I had never had that reaction from my hair before. I was using my go blonder combo and the body shops anti dandruff ginger shampoo. So I decided to switch up my hair care to try and help my poor scalp.

I started using two new products. The first is Selsun, an anti dandruff shampoo that the pharmacist in Sainsburys recommended. This comes out as a beige colour with a funny smell, but it's not awful. The second is Palmers coconut oil conditioning shampoo. This is for dry and damaged hair, even though my hair isn't damaged this shampoo really gets on with my hair. I do have to find that I can't use too much though as my hair does get greasy a little bit quicker than normal especially if I take a large handful. This smells like raw coconut oil rather than a tropical coconut scent if you know what I mean.

After using this combo for a week (so washing my hair three times) my scalp had cleared up completely and my hair was no longer itchy at all. I honestly couldn't believe it and my scalp is still so much happier and completely flake free! Before my scalp started to get really bad, I would have a bit of dandruff still but nothing noticeable (which is why i always paired my go blonder with an anti dandruff shampoo) but even that has cleared up. I paired the Palmers shampoo with Selsun twice a week, and then the third time I washed my hair I would just use the Palmers one. I did this for two weeks, and then for another two weeks I used Palmers with Selsun once, and then used Palmers on it's own twice. 

Now these four weeks are up and my scalp is feeling amazingly clear, I have started to reintroduce my go blonder shampoos once a week paired with my Palmers coconut oil shampoo. Then once a week I used Palmers alone and once a week I use Palmers with Selsun again. So far using the Go Blonder shampoos my scalp hasn't gone back to being really dry and I honestly think it was the body shop ginger shampoo that did that to my hair. I don't know why it suddenly had that effect but maybe bare that in mind if you are thinking about buying it for your dandruff because it seemed to have the opposite effect for me. 

I am really happy with my shampoo routine now, however I am looking for new shampoos when my Selsun runs out so I will maybe do another update at some point. if you have a dry itchy flaky scalp I would 100% recommend Selsun and Palmers coconut oil shampoo together to really condition your scalp and combat the flakeyness.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? 
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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