Friday, 9 June 2017

Burning Embers MUA Palette

Hey guys! Today is my fifth day of my blog a day week and I am going to be showing you this gorgeous eyeshadow palette from MUA. As soon as I saw this palette on the Superdrug website I knew I had to have it, it has some gorgeous warm colours and such a lovely mix of mattes and shimmers and even a due chrome colour. As far as I am aware, you can only get this palette online, I have never actually seen it in the Superdrug stores. It's the biggest eyeshadow palette they do and has 25 lovely colours.

I thought there were too many colours to swatch (especially as my swatches never seem to look right!) but I have done a few so you can see how pigmented and lovely these eyeshadows are.

The Colour on the furthest left is called Heat and it's a gorgeous almost foiled coppery colour. The second from the left is my favourite colour in the whole palette and it's a matte peachy pink colour called Burn. The third one, is a lovely chocolate colour that's so perfect for so many looks, called Fume. The other gorgeous reddy purply shimmery colour is Blaze. Finally, the colour at the end is actually a duo chrome colour it is a little bit hard to tell but I'm hoping you can see its a white to purple shimmery colour. I hope from my swatches you can tell how gorgeous the colours are and how pigmented they are.

I have been playing around with these eyeshadows a lot recently and I have to say I just can't get enough of the peachy colours, especially now we're into summer. I love this eye look with a lovely coral blush and a pinky nude lip and at the moment it's my go to look! This palette is £8 which is more expensive for MUA however you get a lot more colours than the normal palettes and I think it's still such a bargain for the palette and still really affordable. Especially when the eyeshadows are such good quality.

I love the packaging too, it feels so light and sleek, although perhaps a little flimsy as the lid feels very flimsy. Overall I honestly adore this eyeshadow palette and would definitely recommend.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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