Monday, 26 June 2017

Apps on my phone & Ipad, for photo editing, fitness anxiety & more

Hey guys! I hope you are well and hopefully for you doing exams they will all nearly be over now. Today I wanted to show you the apps I have on my phone and on my Ipad. I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 and an ipad mini 2. All of these Apps are free (I am a cheapskate!)

 First of all I have all my social media apps on my front page of my phone so they're easy to get to! This includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Whatsapp and Messanger. 
On the first page of my phone, I also have my Santander online banking app and Timehop. I am obsessed with Timehop I love it so much plus my Santander online banking app is really useful too.

Onto my second page of Apps, I have my Costa app. As a massive Costa lover, I love being able to check my points. I also have countdown, which I love too, being able to see how long it is to my holiday makes me so happy! I also have Just Eat ( very useful) Snap Chat, my Vodaphone and BBC weather (my fave weather app.) Finally, on this page, I have Buffer, a useful app to schedule tweets.

Finally, onto my final page of apps on my phone, I have Boomerang, my university's app so I can always check my timetable and Trip Adviser. I also have some Apps I love to use for editing my photos for my blog and for instagram. These are Photogrid and VSCO. Photogrid is really useful for putting multiple photos together and writing on photos, and VSCO is good for general editing and I love it for brightening my photos. Another useful app is Followers, which tracks my instragram followers and tells me which photos are the most popular. I always like to keep a game on my phone in case I get bored and at the moment I am really liking Word Cookies I often switch this game up on my phone.
I also like to keep Apps on my phone that help me when I become anxious. at the moment I am liking Stop Breathe & Think, which has some really nice meditations on that help with anxiety. I also like Flowy, a little game that encourages you to breathe while you play and is really good at distracting and regulating breathing. Finally I have Bitmoji, to keep up with the new Snapchat update!

First of all, on my Ipad I have pretty much all the same social media apps as I do on my phone, except I have Youtube on my first page of apps .

On my second page of apps, I have the Amazon App and Netflix. Both are really useful and I love having Netflix on my Ipad, makes watching films in bed so much easier! I also have Episode, which is a fun game where you get to take part in stories and select options and decide what you want to do! I personally really like it.

On my third page, I have Pinterest, Bloglovin and Spotify. I also have the All 4 app, making it easy to catch up on tv! Finally, I have some fitness apps that I like to use. The first is called seven, which is a 7 minute fitness circuit which makes it quick and easy to get fit. The other is the Nike+ training app, which is really good and gives you workout plans and more for free.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are some of the Apps you have on your phones? Do you have any of these?
Lots of love,

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