Monday, 22 May 2017

My Favourite Youtubers

Hey guys! I hope you are okay. I had my first exam today gah I can't believe how quickly exam season has descended upon us. This weeks post is going to be another quickie as I just tell you about my favourite YouTubers who I follow and watch regularly.

1) Sophdoesnails 
Sophdoesnails is on of my favourite YouTubers! She uses lots of accessible drugstore makeup in her tutorials and is amazing at eye makeup! If you don't already follow her go and have a look! She seems so lovely too.

2)  Kathleen Lights
I think everyone has heard of Kathleen Lights by now! She seems so down to earth and lovely and her makeup skills are absolutely insane!

3) Freddy My Love 
Freddy is so gorgeous and has such a lovely girly channel. If you love all things pink and girlie you will definitely love her channel. Her videos are so well made and nice and relaxing to watch.

4) Just Jodes. 
Just Jodes is honestly the person who got me into watching beauty videos! She seems so kind and nice and I really love her videos they're nice and chatty and as weird as it sounds I think we'd really get on if we ever met in real life because she likes the same things as me.

5) Hello October 
I love Suzie and her videos! I also find her videos really nice and relaxing to watch and they're so well put together and enjoyable to watch.

6) Samantha Maria 

I used to watch Sammi's videos when she was called Beauty Crush on youtube! I found her when I got back into youtube and found that she was pregnant and engaged and I love her new grownup content.

7) Fleur DeForce 

Fleur is another very successful YouTuber and she has such a cool and unique style. I really love her videos because I feel that she is very honest with all products and I find I really trust her opinions of things.

8) Shaaanxo

Shannon is another YouTuber who I would be surprised if you had never heard of! She's so funny and crazy talented at makeup and tutorials! She has some amazing Halloween tutorials so if you're looking for makeup inspiration definitely go and check her channel out.

9) Yoga With Adriene 

Even though she isn't a beauty YouTuber I really wanted to talk about Adriene because I love her videos so much and I love to follow them along at home! I always do my yoga with her and she just seems so lovely and amazing and if you're looking to start doing yoga I would check out her channel!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Who are your favourite Youtubers?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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