Monday, 29 May 2017

20 facts you didn't know about me

Hey guys! I'm in my last week of exams I'm just pushing through! Next week to celebrate the end of exams I'm actually going to do one post every day for a week. I have missed being able to spend lots of time blogging so I'm really excited. Also really excited to be able to blog more constantly over the summer too, I will be doing two posts a week instead of one and hopefully will be able to be involved in the community a bit more. Anyway, today is just another quickish post and it's 20 facts you (probably) didn't know about me!
1) I love to cook! Everything and anything I just love cooking,

2) When I'm eating Haribo Tangtastics I always eat the red cherries first, they're my favourite.

3) I am really really bad at drawings and shape. Basically, anything shape related like reading maps and navigation and stuff I just can't do and especially when it comes to actually drawing I really just physically can't do it.

4)  I have started writing so many books and I always write them for like six months and then I get really bored or I hit a wall and just stop.

5) I have never broken a bone.

6) I am addicted to lattes! Especially vanilla and cinnamon,

7) Bananas are my favourite fruit and I have one every single day

8) I used to play Animal Crossing every single night before bed for about three or four years non-stop and I had to force myself to stop because it was getting a bit ridiculous.

9) I used to have a Tamagotchi and it got up to generation 28 and never died until the actual thing itself just shut off and never turned on again.

10) Whenever I go to public toilets I always put my hood up because I have an irrational fear of spiders falling on my head.

11) I used to be a really bad hoarder and when I was a child I would get really attached to random things like apple cores or gummy bears and refuse to throw them out or eat them.

12) I have never had acrylics on my nails.

13) I used to sleep with over 10 soft toys and I would place them in the same position in my bed every night and I used to sleep on the edge of my bed because there was no room for me in the bed.

14) I am crazy afraid of heights and even thinking about them makes me sweat and I don't even like being picked up much because it literally scares me.

15) I have a really strict skincare routine that I do every morning and every night and have never missed it not even when I'm drunk, I have never slept with makeup on.

16) I have to sleep in complete darkness and complete silence.

17) I am a terrible speller, like I forget how to spell really basic words sometimes and I often get "S" and "C" mixed up in words when I'm trying to spell them and I get my vowels mixed up I'll put "A" instead of "E" or "I" I find it really hard to tell what vowels I should use.

18) I used to want to be a ballerina and I did ballet from the ages of 3 to 18 and did all my grades and was in a lot of shows.

19) I have had a crush on Orlando Bloom since I was 13.

20) I was born with jaundice

I hope you enjoyed this lil post! I'll be back next week with a post every single day. Good luck to you all with exams.
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Monday, 22 May 2017

My Favourite Youtubers

Hey guys! I hope you are okay. I had my first exam today gah I can't believe how quickly exam season has descended upon us. This weeks post is going to be another quickie as I just tell you about my favourite YouTubers who I follow and watch regularly.

1) Sophdoesnails 
Sophdoesnails is on of my favourite YouTubers! She uses lots of accessible drugstore makeup in her tutorials and is amazing at eye makeup! If you don't already follow her go and have a look! She seems so lovely too.

2)  Kathleen Lights
I think everyone has heard of Kathleen Lights by now! She seems so down to earth and lovely and her makeup skills are absolutely insane!

3) Freddy My Love 
Freddy is so gorgeous and has such a lovely girly channel. If you love all things pink and girlie you will definitely love her channel. Her videos are so well made and nice and relaxing to watch.

4) Just Jodes. 
Just Jodes is honestly the person who got me into watching beauty videos! She seems so kind and nice and I really love her videos they're nice and chatty and as weird as it sounds I think we'd really get on if we ever met in real life because she likes the same things as me.

5) Hello October 
I love Suzie and her videos! I also find her videos really nice and relaxing to watch and they're so well put together and enjoyable to watch.

6) Samantha Maria 

I used to watch Sammi's videos when she was called Beauty Crush on youtube! I found her when I got back into youtube and found that she was pregnant and engaged and I love her new grownup content.

7) Fleur DeForce 

Fleur is another very successful YouTuber and she has such a cool and unique style. I really love her videos because I feel that she is very honest with all products and I find I really trust her opinions of things.

8) Shaaanxo

Shannon is another YouTuber who I would be surprised if you had never heard of! She's so funny and crazy talented at makeup and tutorials! She has some amazing Halloween tutorials so if you're looking for makeup inspiration definitely go and check her channel out.

9) Yoga With Adriene 

Even though she isn't a beauty YouTuber I really wanted to talk about Adriene because I love her videos so much and I love to follow them along at home! I always do my yoga with her and she just seems so lovely and amazing and if you're looking to start doing yoga I would check out her channel!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Who are your favourite Youtubers?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

My perfume and body spray collection

Hey guys! I hope you are doing well! I am in the middle of exam season right now and I'm super stressed but I still wanted to put a post up this week even if it is a little bit late! I wanted to show and talk you guys through my perfume and body spray collection. I currently (try!) and have a one in one out system with my perfumes.

Jack Wills Body sprays: 
Firstly I have three Jack Wills body Sprays. These are really nice just to spray on in the morning but they don't last long at all. You definitely have to top them up during the day! They do have nice scents although for some reason the actually spray bit on the bottle smells really weird to me. Anway these are typically what I wear on a daily basis.

Ted Baker body Sprays:
I have another trio of sprays by Ted Baker. These are amazing. I love all three scents and they last for such a long time! I wish the bottles were bigger! They're like between a body spray and a perfume I think.

Christina Aguilera:
This is her original perfume and I used to love it so much. I have a small bottle of it and I don't wear it so much as the sents that I love have changed quite a bit. But I still wear it occasionally and it used to be my holy grail perfume when I was in high school so it kind of reminds me of that, It's a really unique scent it's sort of almost orangy sent and it's really lovely.

Christina Aguilera- Royal Desire:
My boyfriend bought me this by accident a few Christmases ago as he thought it was the above perfume which I said was my favourite! I really like this scent too, I need to try more of her perfumes as I have really liked the two I've tried. This one is muskier and a bit sexier than her original.

Beyonce -Heat:
This is my favourite perfume at the moment. I like to try a lot of different scents so I don't often repurchase perfumes unless I love them like my Christina Aguilera but I would repurchase this one. It's my go-to perfume for a night out and it's really sexy and I always get compliments when I wear this.

Daisy Dream- Marc Jacobs:
This is so gorgeous and floral and summery and another one which I often wear on a night out! It's so lovely.

Aura- Swarovski 
This is another floral scent but this one is lighter. This is my latest perfume to my collection. It's so lovely and fresh it's so lovely for an everyday wear.

Viva la Juicy- Juicy Couture 
This is one of my all time favourite scents I just love it. It's quite sweet but not too sweet and I always wear it on special occasions.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have any of these perfumes?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Monday, 8 May 2017

If we had coffee...

Hey guys! Today I am doing a sort of unusual catch-up post about what I'm thinking/ been up to lately. I have seen these style posts everywhere and I am not sure who started the trend off so if you know please tell me!

If we had coffee... I would order a skinny vanilla latte from costa. I'm obsessed!

If we had coffee... I would tell you how stressed I am right now! I would tell you about my exams and about how quickly they are coming up and how I am quite worried for them. I would tell you about how worried I am for my results coming up these next few weeks from my coursework too.

If we had coffee... I would tell you about my MRI scan for my tinnitus that I have coming up next week and how I am a bit nervous but mainly quite excited to be part of something I have studied for so long.

If had coffee... I would tell you about how I went body flying last week and how exciting I found it and how much I would recommend going.

If we had coffee... I would tell you about how much I miss my cat Pebbles who we had to put down not so long ago. I would tell you how I am still not over it at all and how it still makes me cry daily.

If we had coffee... I would tell you about how excited I am to have reached 1000 followers on twitter. I would tell you about how happy and excited I am about my followers on my social medias are growing, even Instagram despite it being hard to grow.

If we had coffee... I would tell you how I can't wait for the summer to come. I would tell you how much I'm looking forward to going to Lanzarote with my boyfriend and to the Cotswolds with my family and having time off from uni.

If we had coffee... I would tell you about my volunteering and how I've been volunteering recently with charity in Nottingham and how rewarding it is.

If we had coffee... I would tell you about how I have decided to apply to be a trainee psychologist next year and how excited I am for the future.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

Monday, 1 May 2017

My experience with body flying

Hey guys! Today I am going to be talking about body flying, something which I did this weekend. For Christmas, my parents kindly bought me and my boyfriend a red letter days experience to go body flying and we booked it for last Saturday. I thought it would be interesting to talk about if you have ever thought about doing it! There are three places we could have gone body flying, Manchester, Milton Keynes or Basingstoke and we choose to go to Manchester since it was closer. If you don't know what body flying is, it's kind of getting the experience of doing a sky-dive without needing to jump!

So first of all, you have to arrive an hour before your time, and the times I found were a little funny the were either in the morning or in the evening there were no afternoon times. Our time was half 10 which meant I had to be there for half 9, aka I had to get up early in order to drive there too! When we got there we had to fill in a form and then we waited for our time. About 45 minutes before going in, we were called in and watched a video explaining how to position yourself. Then we had to get into our suits and helmets and stuff.

We entered the air space thing first and we had to wait for everyone to have their turn. We had two minutes split into two. On the second go, you had the option to do a "hi fly" which is where the instructor spins us and takes us up the tube to the top. This was an extra £6 which was quite expensive, but it was an experience. Before even flying while we were waiting was really strange because it was quite loud and the air pressure changes so my ears popped.

Even though 2 minutes doesn't seem like a lot but actually for someone whose never done it before it really is enough! I found it really difficult to breathe because of the air which was a bit strange and it panicked me a bit. The air tube itself is really big and it seems to go up really high! Everyone is sat around watching you, as well as friends/ family of the people doing the body flying but I didn't find it daunting or anything.

So I wasn't going to opt for the hi fly thing because I am really scared of heights like really scared! But everyone else in the group went for it so I didn't want to be the only one who didn't. I actually asked him if I could only go up a a bit and not to up as high as the top which he let me. I don't think I could have gone up to the top! I honestly did find it quite scary, but it was worth it. I thought about how I wouldn't get that experience again so I went for it! Even if it did have to close my eyes! I liked that the actual flying wasn;t too high either which I liked. It was quite hard to get the actual body positions right!

Overall I would really recommend this experience! It was so much fun, and even if you are scared of heights I think you can go for it! Heights is one of my biggest fears and I didn't find it too scary, and you don't have to do the hi fly if it is too much!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x