Monday, 16 January 2017

What healthy eating means to me

Hey guys! I hope you're all getting through this cold January! January can be a funny time of year, a time when everyone is pumped from making their resolutions and hitting the gym more. It's also a time where people try so many diets and so many adverts promoting certain diets. It is so easy to get swept into this phase, and believe me I know. For the whole of January people try so hard on these new resolutions and often drop them in the next few months. Healthy eating or rather balanced eating is something that means a lot to me. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you how much veg i eat and my flatmates often joke around with how and what I eat. Healthy and balanced eating is something which is personal so I wanted to talk about what healthy eating is to me.

I love to eat as much fruit and veg as possible, I follow deliciously Ella recipes all the time at uni and make big batches of them and freeze them, so I always have something yummy and healthy to eat. My favourite way to start of the day is with a big bowl of porridge and honey or porridge with banana or apple cinnamon and dates. I think a massive part of eating healthily is to fit it into your lifestyle, making things in batches helps me as I don't always have a lot of time to cook on the day, so all I need to do is put some brown rice on and heat up the food and I have a healthy meal in 25 minutes.

However, although I do eat a lot of really good things, I think it is good and okay to delve into unhealthy foods too. I do not think that depriving yourself of food or food types is good. I do not believe in cutting out carbs ect or any other fad diet and I end every day with a little treat, a shortbread biscuit maybe or maybe even a bar of Cadburys dairy milk. We are humans and while it is good to eat fruit and veg it it is okay to have treats, and at weekends I sometimes eat pizzas or fish finger sarnies or some foods that are considered "unhealthy." At the end of the day, food is food, and nothing is bad when eaten in moderation and you should never feel pressured to eat a certain way, life is too short! Healthy eating is a choice and should be done with care and with balance.

I do not think that dieting is a good way to live your life, they are often not sustainable and if you want to be healthier dieting is unlikely to do that. As soon as the diet is over you'll feel like you want to eat unhealthy things even more! It's important to fit healthy eating into your life, maybe even slowly, eating an one more portion of fruit and day everyday. What is not healthy, is getting caught up on fat content and calories ect because they will serve you nothing, you want to eat well for you and some of the healthiest things (nuts, avocados, coconut oil) have high-calorie content but they're so good for you. That just shows how much bullshit these numbers are, honestly you'll be happier, healthier and more likely to continue eating healthily if you just ignore them.

If you're looking for recipe ideas I love deliciously Ella as mentioned, and BBC good food. You can also check out my food blog, which I haven't updated for a long time. If you saw my little "come back" post you will have seen that I am taking a break from my other two blogs for now, however I do have a lot of healthy food recipes as well as some unhealthy ones on there! I am such a foodie and food is so important to me that I wanted to share this message! You can find my food blog here.

Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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