Tuesday, 31 January 2017

January Favourites

Hey guys! I haven't done a favourite post for a really long time and I really felt like doing one for this month! I definitely won't be doing one every month, especially as I only post once a week so it would feel like I was doing one all the time! But in this depressing month, there have been a few bits and bobs I have really enjoyed, a mix of beauty and fashion and random things.

One thing I have really enjoyed this month is my new 2017 planner. I'll insert some pictures, and as you can see it's really pretty and compact and a week on a page which I love. It has a side for social things and a side for work things which I really love, means I can keep my social and work events separate!

Another thing I have been loving is my NYX lingerie liquid lipstick. I can't believe I haven't discovered these before I love it! Mine is in the colour corset. They're so long-wearing and comfortable, need to go back and buy some more.

The third thing I have been loving is yoga. This is quite a random one but I have been loving following yoga with Adriene's 31 day yoga this month and it's actually cheered my January up so much and I would recommend going and checking out her youtube channel! If you've ever wanted to get into yoga but not sure how then I would defo go have a look at that, this 31 day yoga is so lovely and a mix of cardio type yoga and yummy practices and all in the name of self-love!

This month I have also been loving these two items from River Island. I bought them in the boxing day sales and I am in love with them. The first is this ribbed black long-sleeved top, and the second is this lovely fluffy white oversized jumper! Both have turtle-necks.

Another thing I have been loving is my Tassimo machine. My boyfriend got me this for Christmas and I have got so much use out of it. My favourite pods are the caramel and vanilla lattes. I really want to try the Cadburys hot chocolate too!

Finally, the last thing I have been loving this month is the new Netflix series of unfortunate events. I have read some of these books as a kid and I am really enjoying the series! I have 3 episodes left so no spoilers...

That's it! What have you been loving this month?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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