Wednesday, 28 December 2016

What I got for Christmas 2016

Hey! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and festive period. I am really sad it's over but I'm excited for the new year! I know loads of people have done videos and blogs of these but I love reading and watching them and I wanted to do one this year. I got really lucky this year and I am so grateful for all the presents I got! I hope you enjoy this blog, tell me if you got any of these things too! This is going to be another long post I have to say as I am talking about each gift individually so I would get comfy beforehand!

I got this little travel suitcase which will make my trips from Nottingham to Leeds a lot easier! The second thing is something amazing for me and my boyfriend to go indoor skydiving! It's a red letter thing and I'm so excited!

This gingerbread candle was a little pressie from my boyfriend that I may have *ahem* coerced him into buying, it was £7 from Next and smells amazing! Next to it is a phone case my sister got me! I needed a new one and love this!

This coffee machine was from my boyfriend! It's a Tassimo pod machine, he got me a costa cup too and lots of pods! Can you tell I'm obsessed with costa? He can!

More gifts from Santa now, these warm gloves, a coin purse and card holder with kitties on, and a new curling wand that makes really tight curls, like the Lee Stanford chopstick curler! I've tired it out and I love it!

One of my fave Christmas presents! This bag from Debenhams! I love it I again may have pointed mum in the right direction with this one (by that I mean I handed it to her) but I just adore it.

Some more little stocking fillers, salted caramel vodka, a new shaver, money, a river island gift card, and "the 5 go gluten free" which was from my sister too!

I received the Beano annual (which I do every year!) a new umbrella (one of those which you press a button and it pops out- great fun) a selection box, and £20 vouchers for Vue cinemas and Nandos! Going to be treating my boyfriend to a date night soon I think.

I also got these lovely pjays (they're age 14-15 and they're still too big!) Some amazing Lancome makeup brushes which I just adore and you will have seen already on my Ig! I also got a Dove bath and shower set, and some yummy chewy sweets.

I got these delicious lint chocolates, a new calendar which this year I got fantastic beasts, and the deliciously Ella smoothie and juice book!
By biggest present this year is my new coat from River Island, I am in love with it!

From my boyfriends family I received some lovely things, some shortbread biscuits, a super soft comfy hoodie from Boux Avenue (which I have one now!) and some scented candles! They know me well!

From my boyfriend sister I got these two books, The Girls, and A Monster Calls. I am so excited to read these! I also got £10 WHSmith voucher from his aunt, and a very pretty bracelet from his nana and grandad.

I hope you liked this post!
What did you get for Christmas?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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