Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Makeup Revolution "what are you waiting for?" palette swatch and review

Hey! I know it has not been long since I posted but now I'm on my Christmas holidays I have more time on my hands and I want to blog a bit more for these next few weeks while I can! I have two beauty posts to do hopefully this week as I am busy this weekend and maybe another two posts next week as well. Basically a lot more posts than normal. Anyway, I received this eyeshadow pallet a while a go, I bought in the black Friday sales as it was down from £6 to £3 so I couldn't resist! I also got it along with their new "shade block" lipstick box but I'll talk more on that next week and get a review of it up! I really liked makeup revolution as a brand and I have some other eyeshadow palette's. This one is part of their salvation eyeshadow palette range, which all have 12 shimmer eyeshadows and 6 mattes.

I think that their packaging is really nice and sleek too. To be honest with this palette I don't think the shades are anything to be excited about, most of them are all pretty standard cool toned colours. The matte colours I really like which is unlike me as I am normally a shimmer girl. My favourite two colours are the gold and pink on the 2nd line. I like the dark purple on the top too, but the browny colours on the top are all pretty muddy and kinda similar, I'm not their biggest fan. 

This is a swatch of the first row. I couldn't get the 1st shade, the white to show up on my arm much or the 2nd colour in, but they are pretty pigmented. 

The 2nd line shows up so much better and the three first shades I love so much. They're so shimmery I really like them. 

These are the matte colours, they look a bit shimmery as I had been rubbing the shimmery ones off before putting these on my arms! I was worried these would not be pigmented but I think they are, even the white one (it's hard to tell as I'm quite pale.) I love them for crease colours so much.

Overall I do like this palette, it's just that the colours themselves don't really excite me but that is just my preference. I really want to try more of these palettes in the new year.
What do you think of this palette? Have you tried it?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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