Monday, 19 December 2016

Makeup Revolution Luxe Shade Block review and swatch

Hey guys! I'm back today doing another little review of the Shade block's by makeup-revolution. These are super cute little boxes which come with a lipstick, a highlight and a lip amplification gloss. This was my other purchase in the black Friday sale along with their "What are you waiting for?" palette which I reviewed last week so you can see a review of that a few posts ago. As far as I am aware these come in two shades, matte black and rose gold and I got the rose gold one. The boxes cost £6.

Firstly, the box is so pretty I love it. It's such as lovely keepsake box and I just adore the packaging. Those of you who follow me in insta will have already seen this and the excitement it gave me!

I love the lipstick colour, it's such a pretty every day nude. I am not sure what the colour of the lipstick is called, or if you can buy it separately. Some people have said they think the lipstick is Chauffeur from their rose gold range. 

The lip amplification is also very nice. It is very glossy and doesn't last the longest time although does last longer than other lipglosses I've tried.The only thing is that the lipgloss actually comes out very pink and I was hoping for a more mauve shade so just be aware that this gloss is quite a bright pink. 

The mini-strobe balm/ highlight is very pigmented. It's super bright and I think that it is one of the presents in their calendar too. The packaging of this product feels really quite cheap though, it feels as though it is going to break and already the brand name has rubbed off the front of it. My camera unfortunately could not do it justice so I haven't bothered to put a swatch of it in!

Overall I think this would make a lovely gift for a friend or just to treat yourself too! I think it is amazing for the price you pay and I know I am going to get so much use out of it! 

Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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