Sunday, 11 December 2016

Joosr, a non-fiction book app review

Hey guys! Today I am talking about something really exciting which is an app called Joosr. This is a non-fiction app which cuts down non-fiction books into easy 20 min long books which you access via the app. I'm so excited about this because I think it's such an awesome app. I haven't decided this year if I'm doing a gift guide post but if I do this will definitely be on it. There are so many non-fiction books on the app including self-help books, feminism books, books about health. It's perfect for if you know anyone who would love to read more books but just doesn't have the time, or who wants to get back into reading more or someone who just loves learning new things via reading.

If you are struggling for a Christmas present this year this would be a really cool gift. A subscription costs £42.99 for a year, (or about £3.50 a month) which includes 250 books, plus an extra 5 new books they upload every week with a Christmas subscription. I have already read some cool books using this app and I'm really looking forward to reading more, they're so perfect for 20 min lunch breaks. The only downside is this app is only compatible with apple store, so it's not on android. I think that if you're not sure what to get a friend or relative and you know they love reading, getting them a subscription to this app would be an unusual but thoughtful present.

The layout of the app is really simple and easy to use. You can scroll through book categories, and when you find a book you like you can add it to your bookshelf and then read it later. It's really straightforward which is good if you're buying it for someone who does not understand how to use technology all that much. The different categories of books available is so wide and I think that there is something for everyone. You can also sign up for a 30 day free trial to test the waters so to speak.

You can get the subscription by following the link here.

lots of love,
Eleanor x

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