Saturday, 5 November 2016

I'm back...

Hey guys!

So wow, I have been the world's worst blogger for a really long time. I haven't blogged properly in such a long time, and I keep making all these blogs saying I'm going to blog again and I just don't carry on. 

I guess I haven't had the motivation to blog in a really long time. Like I wanted to, but couldn't bring myself to physically do it somehow, I didn't really have any ideas. I liked the idea of blogging but wasn't feeling blogging itself.

But recently I have actually been motivated to start. I want to start blogging again, not because I feel like I have to, but because I want to. But there are going to be a few changes.

"I liked the idea of blogging but wasn't feeling blogging itself"

Back in the day when I used to blog regularly I would stick to my routine and I did really love that but that's not really how I want to blog anymore I don't think, or at least it's not how I want to blog at the moment. I don't really want to stick to routines or certain topics I have to talk about on certain days ect. I am stressed enough without adding extra things for me to worry about! I just want to blog about whatever I want to blog about.

I want to blog about make-up more which I never used to really blog about a lot but I really want to start blogging more about makeup and beauty products. I want to start blogging about things that interest me on my course in uni, topics in psychology that I love. I want to do more book reviews, maybe even everytime I finish a book. I just want to blog about anything that I want to talk about, from makeup reviews to politics and feminism. From what I've been up to on a particular day to contraception. Just anything and everything. I want to talk more about myself and things I am going through and things I love and personal topics more. I want to try and upload once a week but if I can't or I'm too busy I'm going to try and not get too upset with myself. I also want to try and post on instagram more so I'd love it if you'd follow me at littleblogsfromlittlepeople! At the moment I'm just going to focus on this blog, maybe if i start getting really serious with blogging again I will think about starting up my other blogs, but I really just want to focus and be happy with this one so I'm leaving it here for now.

I hope that if you used to read my blog you will continue to do so and will stick with me on this and enjoy some different topics to what I used to blog about, there's definitely going to me more of an odd mix but I am excited and I really hope you are too.

Lots of love as always,
Eleanor xxx 

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