Sunday, 6 November 2016

Get to know me tag

Hi guys! Since I'm starting up bloging again I wanted to do a get to know me tag, I've probably done something similar before but I wanted to start as I mean to go on and let you know a lil bit about me! I've kinda done this loosely off other get to know me tags I've seen online but also added my own questions!

Full name: 
Eleanor Hilary Paige Smith

19 years old! 20 in three months (scary) 

Zodiac sign:

3 things that make you happy:
Things that have made me happy this week are walking through the autumn leaves, fireworks and hot chocolates! 

3 habits you have:
Biting my nails (gross I know but I can't help it!) clicking my pen ( I am that annoying person) and buying way to many lattes. 

Where are you from?
I was born in Sunderland but have lived in Leeds for most of my life! 

Future goals:
At the moment my long term goals are to continue studying, maybe a do a masters but I haven't fully decided yet. At some time in the future I would really like to become a clinical psychologist or at least that's the goal at the moment

Favourite food? 
I think my fave has to be pizza I adore pizza! I also love pasta and peanut butter but not together obviously!

My pets:
I have 2 cats, Casper and Pebbles. I'm such an old cat lady honestly. My cats are quite old now they're 17 but they're still my lil babies. 

Fave films? 
I think my fave film might be Love Rosie! I also love the pirates of the Caribbean films and Lord of the rings. 

What's worrying you at the moment?
Right now it's uni work! I have two deadlines coming up and I am not feeling prepared!

Favourite places to shop?
I love shopping in h&m, primark, Superdrug and boots! 

Fave beauty product? 
This is really hard to just pick one product! I think my Liz Earle cleanse and polish cleanser is definitely a holy grail! I will do an updated skin routine soon! 

Fave YouTube channels? 
I am loving Hellooctober, Just Jodes and Soph does Nails at the moment! 

Current relationship status? 
Currently I am in a relationship for those of you who didn't know! Me and my boyfriend have been in a relationship for nearly 4 years now. 

Where would I like to visit?
So many places! I'd love to Thailand, Hawaii, Norway, Sweden and Croatia to name a few! 

Celebrity crush? 
Has to be Orlando Bloom I love him! 

3 things that upset me? 
Feeling lonely/ have no one to talk to, being homesick, uni stress
Favourite song? 
I'm not sure what my favourite song is actually, but I have been loving the Angus Thongs and Full frontal snogging soundtrack which is kinda embarrassing but I love it!

Hope you enjoyed this! I'll be hopefully back posting next week, I am thinking Sunday nights are a good time to post for me so we'll see how that continues!
Lots of love, 
Eleanor x

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