Sunday, 13 November 2016

Acne skincare routine

Hey guys! So i thought it was about time I did an acne skincare routine. Those of you who have read my blogs previously may have known a lot of the time I talked about my clinique face routine but I actually abandoned clinique this summer as it was no longer doing anything whatsoever for my face. I basically have a massive breakout (possible stress related) during exams and clinique was doing nothing to help. I had been using the anti-blemish system for 2 or 3 years anyway and decided it was high time I changed. I have suffered with moderate acne for a long time and its such a pain. I will be doing more acne related posts I think because I know how often I am googling tips and "what makeup won't break me out" ect and I know how frustrating it is to find makeup and skincare that actually works and this is so rare; so I want to share what works for me.

Most of these products in my skincare routine are actually Liz Earle. My Aunty first suggested Liz Earle and I was not convinced since she is older than me and I didn't think products that work well for older skin would work well for me but I was wrong! I honestly think the Liz Earle cleanse tone and moisturize system is better than the clinique system and it is cheaper! Liz Earle is by no means "cheap" the products are midrange to a bit on the pricey side but nowhere near as expensive as clinique or some other brands like Antipodes for example. I was so sceptic since these products had oils in like avocado oil and I was so afraid of putting oils on my face incase they broke me out but this system has really helped my skin. I have broken out a little now but it's definitely due to stress!

You can buy a little starter pack system for £26 (I think) in boots which includes minis of the cleanse and polish cleanser, skin tonic and moisturiser (i picked the light moisturiser) as well as a face mask, one of their amazing face clothes and 2 little sponges. The full sized pack is £45, this includes their cleanser, skin tonic, and a moisturiser, 2 face clothes and a free gift, I choose to get their exfoliator.

These products smell so nice! The my face feels so clean after cleansing it really feels like it takes all my makeup off. Their face clothes are also a bit abrasive so it feels like it really gets deep into my pores to remove every inch of makeup. I love the toner as it feels so refreshing and smells amazing and the moisturiser is a good combination of richness and lightness. I use this twice a day. I find that its not the best at taking my eye makeup off so I take that off with my Garnier micellar water first. If my face is quite bad, I also like to apply some of my La Roche-Posay effaclar duo after moisturising but I have a bit of a love/ hate relationship with this so I don't use it all the time. For individual spots I love my body shop tea tree night lotion. I also use two creams which I get from the doctors. I think these have made a difference too. For those of you interested these are Zindaclin and Differin.

Twice a week I exfoliate using my Liz Earle exfoliator or I use a face mask. I am loving the Liz Earle mini facemask that I got as well as my Lush mask of magnaminty and I'm using this loads recently.

I hope you enjoyed my skin care routine! I am still finding new products all the time for my skin and finding what works and what doesn't so I'll definitely keep you updated. Tell me what you guys think of these products and I'll be back next week!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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