Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Randomise game review

Hey guys! Today i am reviewing something a little different than normal, not a book or a beauty product but a game. This game was sent to me to review and I honestly love it. My and my family love playing family games together and always have done and as a lover of Charades, Pictionary and Taboo, this game incorporates all of them into one.

I love the cards the game is printed on, they're really bright and it's such neat little packaging and so it will be easy to take on holiday with us which is what I will be doing! The premise of the game is to pick up three cards, someone will give you three numbers from 1-3. These cards will tell you what you are, how your feeling and what you're doing and you have to either describe, act or draw this to your partner who has to guess. For every one thing they get right they get a mark and if they get all 3 right you get an extra mark. It is honestly so fun and addictive, I think it would be great for kids as it can really expand their vocab, getting them to describe it, while also having lots of fun acting and drawing. For adults I would say the "easy" option on the cards is a bit too easy if you're describing so we make it a rule that if you're going to pick describe you have to pick the hard option! The combinations you can get are very funny, and watching people struggling to act out a scared rat making a fire, or trying to draw a handsome donkey skipping are even funnier still.

This is a really silly and fun game for people of all ages and I would definitely recommend it. You can buy it here for £10 from amazon.

Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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