Saturday, 13 February 2016

Rebel of the sands- book review

Hey guys! Seems like it's been ages since I posted last, mainly because it has been! But am back today with a book review which was sent to me to read and review. The book is called Rebel of the sands and it is the first novel of an author called Alwyn Hamilton.

I enjoyed this book, it's a light read that's very vivid and was a nice escape from reality. Set in the desert, I really liked how the characters were not the usual stereotypical white American teenagers. The discriptions of the settings were vivid and throughout reading the book it was easy to imagine and picture what was happening. I liked all the characters too, Amani, the main heroin was fiesty and easy to get inside the head of.

However, I felt that in some places detail was missed out, for example in the big battle at the end, it was said that Amani couldn't remember much of the battle and had to be filled in as to what happened, I would have preferred it if we had experienced more of it through her eyes. Additionally when Jin (the love interest and other main character) and Amani were travaling with a group of people called the camels knees, I felt a lot of information and detail was missed out, I found myself wanting to know more about these people. Because of this lack of detail I found it difficult to understand why they went back to rescue them; I did not really care for the characters as I could has done If the time spent with them was explained in further detail.

Although the love interest between Jin and Amani was a little obvious, it wasn't too over played and it didn't saturate the novel. I really loved the setting of the novel and the many unexpected twists and turns the novel took, which I can say I never saw coming. Overall I would say this was a nice light and refreshing read if you want to escape your life and live in a rather more exciting one for a while.

You can buy the book here on amazon for only £4.00.

Have you read this? What did you think?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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