Saturday, 27 February 2016

Collection eye brow kit review

Hey guys! Today I am doing a review of collection's eyebrow kit review. I never particularly bothered with my eyebrows but recently I have been wanting to try new products on them. I really like this little kit, it's small and compact and there is quite a considerable amount of product. It comes with three powder colours, a blonde/ light brown one, a darkish brown one and a very dark brown/ black colour. It also comes with a  little clear brow mascara (which has now turned a murky brown colour but still comes out clear) which I really like, unlike say Rimmel's kit where you have to buy the brow mascara separately. The product also comes with a small angled brush and a flat brush. I personally don't use them, the brush is very small but it is actually a good brush and I have kept it for when I am doing my makeup on the go.

I use a mixture of the lightest and the middle colour for my eyebrows and it is the perfect colour. It lasts all day and the mascara helps shape and keep it on all day. My favourite thing about this product is that it is only £3 and it is a really good brow product. Despite it being cheap, the packaging is really nice, it doesn't feel flimsy or as if it will break and it comes with a little mirror which is cute and useful.

("You mean that used to be clear?")

I feel that for people who want to start to experiment with doing their eyebrows this is a really good product to discover what colour you need ect, as you haven't lost much money if it is wrong, but I personally feel the 3 colours would mean that the product will be the right colour for most people's eyebrows. I have been using this product everyday for about a month and as you can see I have barely made an indent in the colours.

My only concern is that the clear brow mascara is going to run out quicker than the product, and I may have to try and find a separate clear brow mascara to buy somewhere else as I don't want to buy the product again simply for the mascara or I will end up with loads of these kits!

I would definitely recommend this product as a high street brow kit for everyone. And the best part is if it isn't right for you, you've not lost much money!
Have you tried this? What do you think?
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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