Monday, 11 January 2016

My hopes for 2016

Hey guys! This is a slightly late post on my hopes for the new year. Last year I did a post all about my resolutions for the new year, and instead of making "resolutions" I thought I'd make some "hopes" instead, because let's face it resolutions rarely ever happen. So these are a few things I hope to happen this year.

1) I pass my first year of uni with a 2:2 or higher
2) I eat healthily and look after my body more by nourishing it with good food
3) I exercise more regularly and do yoga
4) Be more loving to myself
5) Don't beat myself up too much if I get things wrong when I've tried my best
6) Keep blogging as regularly on all my blogs as I can
7) Try and read 15 books for my own pleasurable reading ie not books purely for uni 

There we are! What are your hopes for the year?
Eleanor x

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