Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tunesday Tuesday- October

Hey! It's time for my October Tunesday, where I run down the chart and give my opinions and show you my personal playlist this month!

Top UK 10 

1) Turn the music Louder- KDA ft Tinie Tempah and Katy B
I love this song! It's so fun and Katy B is so talented she can sing every type of genre and Tinie Tempah is one of my favourite rappers so this is a winner for me.

2) Perfect- One direction 
This song is okay... it's a bit samy all through so I find it a bit boring but it will probably grow on me.

3) The hills- the weekend 
Like a lot of the weekend songs it's a song I will enjoy in a club but not something I'd listen to outside of one

4) Hotline Bling- Drake
The memes this song has created make me laugh so much, like I said for The hills, it's something I'd want to come on in a club but not something I'd listen to outside

5) What do you mean- Justin Bieber
I have heard this song too much now it's getting a bit annoying!

6) Running (loose it all)- Naughty Boy ft Beyonce and Arrow Benjamin
I love Beyonce so naturally I do love this song it gives me shivers!

7) Wasn't expecting that- Jamie Lawson
I have not heard of Jamie Lawson before but I really like the Ed Sheeran crossed with passenger vibes

8) Be right there- Diplo & Sleepy Tom
This isn't really my type of music but I do like this when I am out.

9) Locked away- R city ft Adam Levine
I love this song, I love Adam Levine's voice and I love the different vibes and beats that run through this.

10) On my mind- Ellie Goulding
Not really a massive fan of this if I am honest! I just think it's a bit basic somehow!

My playlist:
1) Twin Atlantic- Brothers and Sisters
2) Stephanie Heinzmann- Digging in the dirt
3) Martin Solvig vs Skepta & JME- Thats not me/ intoxicated remix
4) Birdy and Rhodes- Let it all go
5) 5 seconds of summer- Hey everybody (one to watch)
6) Emperor's new clothes- Panic! At the disco

What have you been loving lately?
Lots of love
Eleanor x

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