Friday, 16 October 2015

My uni room tour

Hey guys! As you all know I am a Nottingham Trent University studying psychology and I thought it would be fun to show you guys what my room looks like here. I am living in halls with an ensuite bathroom which I love! I haven't included the bathroom in the pictures!

This is the view when you first enter my room.

Next to my bed, I have a little bedside table with a small drawer and space underneath.
As you can see, I use the under space for food as we have such a small cupboard in our kitchens. In my drawer I keep yummy snacks and treats, at the moment I have jammy dodgers and rocky bars!
The room came with a lamp on my desk, I moved it onto this table because I always like to have a light beside my bed! I also have tissues, a glass of water and some chocolate buns which I don't normally have!
This is my single bed! I am missing my double bed! The beds are comfy though, and I have storage space under my bed where all my spare sheets are hidden.

At the bottom of my bed is my cupboard. My cupboard is tiny! There is no room for my clothes!

Opposite my cupboard is my desk.
On my desk I have my fruit basket, coke, vodka, my computer and  my notepads. I also have flasks and bottles for water. On my shelves, I have my folders and books on one side and makeup and jewelry on the other. On the top shelf I have kitchen roll, some cereal packets from when people come over, and more makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,
Eleanor x

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